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He Came Back from the Dead to Perform Miracles

Are you desperate for a miracle? Do you need a touch from God?

College professor Jason Gapasin died at 29 and ended up in hell. God gave him another chance to fulfill a mission– to tell people that hell is real and that God does not want anyone to end up there. Jason was also asked by God to pray for the sick to prove that God cares about them. When he finally obeyed and heeded the call after a season of disbelief, he was astonished by the results!

This video will fill you with faith to believe God for your own miracle. I also share in this episode, the miracles that I witnessed and expwreinced in my own life including the deaf receiving hearing and pain-free childbirth.

Do watch till the end of the video because Jason has a special message to 10 people from God.

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