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TV: Mishca’s Precious Moments Birthday

I love birthday parties! It must be the child in me and the license to eat all that junk food! Hot dog, dirty ice cream, cotton candy, cupcakes. . . I look forward to ’em all!

Before my child turned a year old, I didn’t know that party planning could be just as fun as attending one! Now I had the freedom to choose the party music and entertainment! No  ear-piercing music  for us please (Are they all trying to make our children deaf?)  and off with the heads of those obnoxious clowns!

This is the  birthday video that  I edited. . .   Thank you, Lactophoto and Bokehbug for the pictures and video footage.

And so, we took what little time we had to come up with a 1st birthday party that had  lively classical music as playlist  and daddy as the star magician!  The theme was Precious Moments. Mishca had personally met Precious Moments creator Sam Butcher in his shop in Makati (For those who don’t know, he has decided to retire in the Philippines). “What I cute baby,” the humble and soft-spoken artist exclaimed as he lightly pinched Mishca’s chubby cheeks.

Instead of celebrating on her actual birthday on May 2, we had the party on May 12. Horror of horrors, road construction started on the very day and so we had to redirect the guests 2 hours before the party. Many got lost, even our host, photo and video teams, but all of them were able to arrive and we had a fun and meaningful celebration, in spite of it.

The birthday girl seemed to have enjoyed her day. She made her 1st walk with mommy and daddy (she was still not walking until this day),  ate a lot and even made an impromptu dance number without being coaxed.

Party Details:

Venue: The Peak Lounge, Timberland Heights Sports & Nature Club
Video: Lactophoto   (
Photo: Jo and Itchy Diga of  Bokehbug Photography (
Cake: Top Cakes
Host: Ms. Roschelle Catbagan of Sweet Party Memories
Magician: Daddy Michael with Arcturus 
Photobooth: iShuffle_bot Photobooth
Stage Decor and Balloons: John and Jojo  Mr. Balloonatix  (They customized the stage standees especially for Mishca!)
Souvenirs: Precious Moments Gift Shop and Pixie Pen Graphics
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