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Toilet Humor

Last night I was laughing my head off as I recalled this incident that happened a few months ago. . .My friend invited me to her speaking engagement to be held at the house of a prominent Chinese businessman. I really didn’t know anybody there. And worse, I came in late because I got lost looking for the house in this swanky Makati subdivision. After the talk, I headed to the nearest comfort room and saw that there were two separate toilets for male and female guests, like in the malls. As I was closing the door to the Ladies’s CR, I saw an old lady peeking at the Men’s CR. Concerned, I pointed her to the right door and in my best Chinese told her that this was where she‘s supposed to go. Then, it was time to leave. Before I got out of the meeting, my friend the speaker caught me and introduced me to our hosts. Yikes! It turned out that the old lady was the owner of the house!I don’t know which is more embarrassing that, or this other toilet incident that happened to me 6 years ago. . .


After one too many glasses of iced tea in a Chinese Restaurant, I got up the dinner table to head for the comfort room. Since it was my first time to eat in this resto, it took a while for me to find it. When I finally got there, I was surprised to find two urinals beside the cubicles. “A unisex CR. How progressive!” I exclaimed. I remembered using a “gender-less” toilet once in France.

After using one of the cubicles, I opened the door to find two men inside the room! They both eyed me suspiciously. I thought: “Hmmp! Must be their first time to use a ‘free-for-all’ toilet.” Feeling smug and sophisticated, I ignored them and went in front of the mirror to check my hair. Then, I walked out and saw that the Ladies room was at end of the hall. Inisip siguro nila: “Ang gandang bakla naman nun!”
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  1. nyahahaha! naaalala ko iyang toilet humor na yan. nasulat nga yan sa lifeline nun, di ba? =D


  2. hahaha! this toilet humor is really humorous and rumorous! panalo! i think, the second one is quite embarrassing much more the comment!Ü this is my first time to read an article from you making me laugh in front of my monitor.Ü thanks, natuwa ako!Ü

  3. haha i agree with jeff! ^_^ jen, thanks for posting this, it made me laugh a lot ^_^ how are you na girl? miss you na! Ü

  4. Yup! Yup! Glad I made your life less serious. Some people call me a sit-down comic. That is, when I’m not standing up to head for the nearest comfort room. I checked out lots of toilets in China, where I spent 2 weeks trying out squatty-potties of different shapes and designs. Fortunately, there was no wash room misadventures this time.(Oops, there actually was one. But too abrupt to cause damage on my ego.) Chinese and toilets seem to have this weird effect on my frontal lobes.

    1:28 PM

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