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Baby & Child Photographers: Bokehbug Photography

Babies grow up so fast! Do you want to capture your precious one’s first few days or months?


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Let me recommend Itchy and Jo Diga of Bokehbug Photography. Itchy and Jo Diga are working professionals who happen to love photographing their kids. Their passion turned into a business and thus Bokehbug was born.



DSC_9557 Jo with Gavin and Chloe in HongKong


Let me tell you why they are the best couple to take your baby’s pictures:

  • They know that newborn babies’ eyes are delicate so they don’t use direct flash.
  • They wash and disinfect props and blankets to be used for the shoot.
  • They are consummate professionals who will not stop until they get the angles and lighting right. They say that their lifestyle sessions last for 4 hours. Actually, they don’t leave until you are both satisfied with the shoot. (Sorry to spill the beans, Itchy and Jo!)
  • They love capturing their clients’ unique personalities and they get you to try different props, poses and places to pose.
  • They are very good with candid shots! For me, they are superb in capturing the heart of a relationship or an event.
  • They edit and process all your shots (which easily amounts to 100 or 200 shots for a lifestyle session) and give them to you in 8 gig or 16 gig  memory cards.  Not all photographers give you all the pictures that they take. Furthermore, it is hard to find a photographer who edits each shot. Usually they let you choose your favorite shots and just edit those.

My only regret is I didn’t get to meet Itchy and Jo earlier. We had a lifestyle a day before Mishca’s 1st birthday and we had a blast. It was like working with good friends. It’s not easy to find artists of their caliber who are this nice!  They also covered Mishca’s 1st birthday and baby dedication and I just am very, very happy with their work. BokehBug’s Lifestyle Session Fee is Php 10, 000 for 4 hours and their birthday coverage is  Php 12,000.  The investment  you make will be worthwhile! 

I can give more reasons why I love this couple. . . but let the pictures speak for them. . .

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And oh, they are fabulous at covering weddings, too!


TMWNN BadgeSPECIAL DISCOUNT for Mommy With No Nanny readers: Php 8,000 instead of Php 10,000 for their lifestyle sessions!!! Php 10,000 instead of  Php12,000 for birthday party coverage.  Just tell them that you read the promo in this blog! 🙂 


For more details, visit Bokehbug’s official website.
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