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Breast Milk Jewelry by Precious Lifetime Memories of Singapore

How would you like to have jewelry made out of your breast milk?

Those who frequent this blog know how gaga I am about my babies and breastfeeding. When I was pregnant with my second child, I learned about breast milk keepsakes. Apparently there are moms who have their breast milk made into wearable art or jewelry pieces to commemorate their breastfeeding journey. I was intrigued and promised myself that I would have something made for me and my daughter who is as equally gaga about my milk.

The challenge was where to find a keepsake maker who carries the style of jewelry I like and who can assure me that the keepsake will not rot or discolor with time. Breast milk jewelry is not cheap, you see, and since I want to pass it on to my daughter, I want to make sure it will last.


A Facebook search led me to Precious Lifetime Memories by Annabel from Singapore. Wow, I was blown away by variety of jewelry and designs they carry–rings, earrings, bracelets, charms, necklaces, glass lockets, anklets and cuff links.  I love it that their keepsakes are tastefully designed and look like regular jewelry. I actually don’t want people to know I am wearing my breast milk or my child’s umbilical cord.

Annabel, a mom of two small kids and another one on the way, takes pride in the fact that her hand-crafted jewelry pieces are custom-made and carries the unique imprint of that special mom and her child.  Each piece carries a one-year warranty.  She actually keep your milk for a year just in case there is discoloration and will send you a replacement without extra cost. Not a bad deal!

I contacted Annabel to ask if I could have a keepsake made since I am from overseas. She and her husband responded to my Facebook message right away and promptly answered all my questions. Before making an order, though, I checked with LBC if they could send my breast milk to Singapore. Apparently, LBC does not accept liquids.  I was told  to send my milk through regular mail and declare it as “item for jewelry making.” Many of their overseas customers have sent their milk in this way, I was assured.

pendant2It is fairly easy to order in their website, which allows you to customize your jewelry by your choice of inclusions, glitters, shimmers and flakes.  It took me less than 20 minutes to order. Payment was made via Paypal.

I like it that their website tells you everything you need to know about your order, including how to choose the color, glitter or shimmer and the inclusion.

A few days later I expressed some milk and sealed it in double zip lock bags. The website says that 20 ml is needed for each item. That is approximately 1 and a half tablespoon per piece. I carefully labeled the milk with my name, address and order number. I then wrapped the zip lock in thick paper and put it in a regular envelop to make it look inconspicuous.

I sent my milk and inclusions through EMS (Php 930) instead of registered mail (Php 150) . Both will arrive in a week’s time to Singapore, but only EMS can be tracked online. I chose to pay more for my peace of mind.

Waiting time for breast milk jewelry takes 2 to 16 weeks depending on the complexity of the customization and the volume of orders Annabel receives.

I had a vision for the glass locket to contain my baby’s placenta, his nails, first hair curl and my breast milk. I wanted to commemorate his water birth and the fact that he came out 6 minutes after his sister’s birthday, so my daughter’s hair was also included.  Annabel went to great lengths to understand and capture my vision.

It took almost 5 months because of a last minute change that I requested which required a recast, but end results are treasures I will cherish for life.


You can view Annabel’s creations at She answers promptly through her FB page: where she also announces new items and special promos.

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