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The Pain of Betrayal

Jesus Christ was no stranger to betrayal. His very own disciple sold him to the chief priest for 30 pieces of silver coins. Most of us are familiar with Judas’ story, but he was not the only disciple who betrayed Jesus. Actually, all of the disciples left Jesus after He was arrested. At ang pinaka-matapang pa sa kanila, Si Peter (And the boldest of them all, Peter,) , who swore that he would lay his life for Jesus, nang magkagipitan na (when push came to shove), denied to people that he knew Jesus. He denied Jesus three times. Imagine your best friend, the one you love the most, denying that he or she knows you. Di ba masakit yon (Isn’t that painful)? How did Jesus respond to such an act of treachery? Did He zap Peter and the disciples out of existence? Far from it.
Photo: Let the “Pane” Remain (3-19-05)
A few days after Jesus resurrected from the dead, the disciples had already given up hope and were getting ready to go back to their old jobs as fishermen. They went out to fish the whole day but caught nothing. Wala silang nahuli ni dilis (Not even a fingerling).
Just as they were about to give up, Jesus appeared on the shore and told them to throw the net on the right side of the boat. And voila! They caught so much fish! 153 to be exact. That made them realize that the person who spoke to them from the shore was Jesus! Peter got so excited he jumped out of the boat and ran toward Him.
Kung ikaw, alam mong me atraso ka sa tao, syempre magdadalawang isip ka kung lalapit ka sa taong nasaktan mo (If you know you have wronged someone, it would be hard for you to approach the person you have offended). While Peter was running to Jesus, a million thoughts must have been running through his head. Thoughts like—Will He turn me away? Ano kayang parusa ang ipapataw sa akin (What hurtful words will I receive from Him)? Yet, when Peter reached shore, he saw that Jesus had actually prepared a meal for them. Nag-ihaw siya ng isda at may dala siyang tinapay para sa kanila (He cooked a simple meal of fish and bread for them). Instead of rebuking them for abandoning Him, Jesus asked his disciples to come and eat. That is how gracious and loving our God is.

All of us are sometimes like Peter and the rest of the disciples, we make wrong decisions, we commit mistakes, we sin. After that, we feel afraid to approach God, afraid how He might turn us away, or worse, punish us. But remember that Jesus died on the cross and rose to life so that we can have forgiveness of sins. Don’t run away from God.

He is running towards you, not to punish you, but to bless you. All you have to do is to make a 180-degree turn from your sins and trust Jesus as your Lord and Savior. At para sa mga taong na-betray ng mga kaibigan, asawa o magulang (And for those who have been betrayed by friends, spouses or parents), Jesus knows how you feel. Give your burden to Him, He cares a lot about what you are going through. Look to Him for help and He will empower you to forgive to those who hurt you just as Jesus did.

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  1. Jenny!!!! Just the very words I need. I’ve been wanting to write something about betrayal in my blog but I haven’t found the courage to do so. Maybe because if I publish my feelings, reconciliation will be impossible and I really love that friend. (“,) Yup, I found solace in God. And I’m just waiting for Him to restore my friend and our friendship. Thanks Jenny! 🙂

  2. Yeah, let’s wait on God for complete healing & restoration. By the way, ang ganda ng picture mo ha! Pero mas maganda ka sa personal! Mwah!

  3. This is so awesome. Keep it up ministring.

  4. I just want to say that there’s a blessing in betrayal. Many of us tend to classify our enemies and friend’s by likes and dislikes but Jesus classified his friends by purpose. Notice in scripture when Peter attempted to keep Jesus from his purpose, he was called satan but when Judas betrayed him, Jesus called him friend. Peter attempted to keep Jesus from his purpose while Judas assisted him in his purpose. Because of Judas’s betrayal, Jesus was beaten, embarrassed, convicted of nothing, died on rugged cross to SAVED THE WORLD but the story takes a blessed turn for better when Jesus rose from the dead with all power in his hands. Betrayal hurts when it happens but we must decide to allow it to make us bitter, battered or better. I thank God that Jesus got up because it let’s us know that no matter what kind of betrayal we experience, we can get up. I chose today to allow it to make me better.

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