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Kid StarMaker Books are Now Available in Fully Booked!

You may now purchase Kid StarMaker books at Fully Booked branches, specifically Ayala Town Center, Santolan,  UP Town Center,  Trinoma, Fort and  Eastwood and more to come!

Choose from 3 books for your kids: The Dog That Followed Me Home,  Scotty the Lopsided and The Boy With One Hand.


These hardbound books suit children from ages 2-10 years old. Each comes with a free 3-D ebook with audio that you can play on your phone, tablet or computer.

The Boy With One Hand. Pol is a sweet little boy who was born with only one hand. He has a big dream in his heart–to be a great television director. Pol is determined not to let his disability stop him, but there are many obstacles to hurdle. He is but a poor boy from a small village up in the mountains. He has to cross 2 rivers every day to reach his school. His family doesn’t even own a TV set. Will Pol ever fulfill the longing of his heart?

Scotty The Lopsided Cottage  is a rickety little house with a big dream–to hold the biggest parties in all the land. However, his odd shape has kept buyers away. Will Scotty’s rooms and heart remain empty forever? Scotty the Lopsided Cottage is an encouraging rhyming story about discovering one’s purpose and finding a place of acceptance in spite of the odds.

The Dog That Followed Me HomeLittle Macy wants a baby brother more than anything in the world. She prays and prays, but still no baby. Has God made a mistake? Will He ever answer her prayers? Sad and angry, she takes a walk outside.

Suddenly, a mysterious dog starts following her!

How will she get rid of this mangy mutt? Macy is about to learn a simple but deep truth through man’s best friend.


You may also purchase online through the following websites:

1.Kid StarMaker!/The-Dog-That-Followed-Me-Home/p/216561241/category=20321176!/The-Boy-With-One-Hand/p/68895052/category=20321176!/Scotty-the-Lopsided-Cottage/p/216561245/category=20321176


2. Shopee:’S-BOOK-i.228152644.4741861697’S-BOOK-i.228152644.7741862881’S-BOOK-i.228152644.3941950732


3.  Lazada:

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