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Mother’s Day

As I turned in bed at  around 6 AM this morning, the six-year-old girl on my right opened her eyes and exclaimed , “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you so much! I have a surprise for you.”

I was amused at how lucid her mind was at this hour when I couldn’t even mutter a comprehensible  thank you.

Then, she marched out of the bedroom and came in with this card.


Later on, she declared that she had made breakfast for me.  “I made you bread and butter and Yakult.” Yakult is her favorite drink and she doesn’t share that with anyone, much less her parents.  I was touched.

Taking care of an 11-day old infant,  I was too groggy to eat what she prepared,  but I did see it on the vanity table.

I am in awe of the purity of her love and devotion to me, despite the little dramas she’s had the past days as we welcomed her baby brother. She is enamored by him and likes entertaining him with her little stories and ditties (I call them operattas!),  and even performs elaborate ballet “concerts”  for him, but is a little jealous of the attention he’s been getting.  On top of that she has been receiving more reprimands lately with me  trying to protect the baby from the dirty hands and roughhousing of a playful six-year-old.

Still, that did not stop her from giving me the best Mother’s Day treat her little creative mind could come up with.

Later this afternoon, as Mishca and her Dad went out for their date,  I saw this on top of the cabinet. . .


There seems to be tokens of love from this girl everywhere in the house.

Her Dad told me that during their date,  she even made me a flower  headdress.

As I watched Mishca and Zachary in deep slumber tonight, I thanked God for the privilege of being  a mother.  What an honor to be entrusted by God to raise and guide these two precious babies. I pray that I will be a good mom in spite of me and my gazillion flaws.

They always say that being a mom is a thankless job, but not in our house.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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