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Online Find: Hoffman Academy Piano Lessons

Do you want your kids to learn to play the piano both by ear and sight? Are you looking for a piano course for kids that is fun and offers a complete music education? Is your child bored with traditional piano lessons? Then, you should consider Hoffman Academy.

Early on I wanted my daughter to learn to play the piano both by ear and sight. I took Suzuki lessons as a child for a few years and like the way it taught kids to play by ear. However, we live far from the Suzuki School of Music. I searched for an online equivalent and found Hoffman Academy. It is a good fit for my 7-year-old since she hates sitting down for traditional piano lessons. In fact, she used to literally RUN from her teacher. Not so with her Hoffman Academy online lessons.

We were given the opportunity to try out Hoffman Academy’s premium features for 3 months. I love how organized the website is. It has a separate progress tracking for each child, if you have more than 1 student taking the classes. The lessons are very engaging. It’s obvious that Mr. Hoffman knows and loves kids. The lessons and practice sessions are easy to follow. I can let my 7-year-old practice on her own with minimal supervision. Mishca and I love the music tracks that she plays along with during the practice sessions. The accompaniment makes her feel like an accomplished musician. I, on the other hand, am able to gauge if she is playing the right notes and if it is according to the beat. Her little brother also enjoys listening to her play as the music tracks are lively and upbeat.

Here is Mishca during a practice session where she shares what she likes about her piano lessons.

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