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Oppo F1s: Travel Essentials

My husband and I  love taking unplanned joyrides and spontaneous trips, so much so that I always have a small overnight bag stashed in the car.
Aside from this, I used to  lug around 2 cameras to 3 cameras when we travel–my trusted DSLR, my easygoing  point-and-shoot camera and an underwater camera.  As a mom and avid chronicler, I have to have our memories captured using the best equipment, you see.

oppo f1s


Then I received an Oppo phone from my sweet husband and things changed for  the better. Oppo freed me up to travel light in every sense of the word.


Taken using Oppo’s self-timer in a field in Laguna


Taken with the Oppo camera phone without any filters at the foot of Mt. Banahaw while picking raspberries!


Michael looked at all the available phones in the market and chose one that would suit me.  He chose Oppo over the more popular brands because it has the highest specs  for its price and took the sharpest pictures and videos.
The phone has 32 to 64 GB internal memory (depending on whether or not you get the updated version which is just a thousand pesos more!). Memory is expandable to 128 GB via micro-SD.

Oppo F1S Specs from GSM ARENA

Oppo GSM arena


For me, Oppo F1s is the DSLR of camera phones. These are the cool Oppo camera features I cannot pass up:

No sleep before  a selfie? No problem. . . Just click BEAUTY.


This is our first selfie with the Oppo phone, taken at Clark, Pampanga. Do you notice how nice our skin tone is even under the noon day sun? This  is what Oppo’s  BEAUTY function does for you! Para kang nag-Belo!

Shooting in low light? No problem. . .  Just click FLASH, FILL LIGHT or SLOW SHUTTER.


Taken using natural light at the White House Pavillion during an impromptu trip to Liliw, Laguna.


Taken with the Oppo flash in Sonya’s Garden, Cavite

Have a child who cannot stay still to take a picture? No problem, the laser-like focus of Oppo takes photos faster than your active child can say “Cheese!”



Taken in Ocean Park HongKong with a daughter that couldn’t keep still in the presence of her favorite pandas!



 Taken on the road by the driver himself who took a moment to snap this picture while there was a lull in traffic.


Need longer hands for a wide-angle selfie? Not a problem! Oppo F1s can take panoramic shots. Just move phone from side to side to include everybody plus the view.


Taken in Hamilo Coast, Batangas using Oppo’s PANORAMA  and BEAUTY mode.


Now I do not need to panic  when the travel bug hits, even if I do not have my complete camera gear with me.  These are all I need–
(1.) My Oppo Phone-completely charged and ready to go
(2.) My overnight bag–with natural sunblock,  bug spray, toiletries,  light towels and an extra set of clothes for everyone in the family
(3.) A  big smile and an adventurous spirit!
How I wish Oppo could also come up with an UNDERWATER FEATURE so that we can have our beach  adventures covered. Well, who knows, it might just be the next feature they come up with!
Happy traveling!


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