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Our Anti-DENGUE Arsenal

Daddy had just contacted dengue or hemorrhagic fever. We suspect he got it when the three of us went to a nearby plant nursery to scout for some vines for our garden. We wrapped baby’s stroller with a mosquito net, a habit we had acquired when we took her out as a newborn. I’m glad the habit stuck! Funny we called it our anti-dengue arsenal when a mommy saw the stroller net in action in a bazaar. Now it has lived up to its name. 

Daddy didn’t want to be confined. But he was in the hospital for 2 days. God answered our prayers when his platelet count didn’t go below normal. There was no need to have a blood transfusion. He said he just ate, read and rested in the hospital, which he mistakenly called the hotel.  

Dengue is not communicable. But if a mosquito that has bitten a person with dengue bites another person, the virus can be passed. Thank God baby and I are armed. She’s just 7 months old when I started using Human Nature’s Citronella  Bug Spray on baby. Yes, it is safe on her delicate skin. Although the smell is quite strong (it’s not baby lotion after all), it is made up of the following natural ingredients: citronella oil, organic virgin coconut oil and rosemary oil. It works for 3-4 hours before another application is needed. 

The first time I tested the efficacy of this spray was during a garden dinner with my in-laws. I sprayed a generous amount on my legs and arms just in case. It was a balmy night and I was seated beside my father-in-law who was being  swarmed by mosquitoes. I, who was in shorts that night, did not attract any pesky bugs and it’s not because I didn’t take a bath that day. Hehehe!

Human Nature has come out with a new Bug Shield Lotion. Reviewers say it is even more effective than the Citronella Bug Spray. I wanted to test it for myself but it is currently out of stock. HN staff said it will be available this new year. I’ll hope to update you by then. 

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