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Pregnancy Workout, Anyone?

I worked out from the day I discovered I was pregnant up to the time I was in labor. It made me feel great and  helped me deal with the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy. With my OB GYNE’s permission, I looked for a prenatal work-out that was safe and effective.  As I didn’t have the time to go to the gym and prenatal classes are hard to find, I knew my best bet would be a workout video. I made my search in the DVD shops around the Metro but couldn’t find one.
My husband suggested YouTube. Brilliant idea! It was through YouTube that I got acquainted with  Doctor Cathy,   a chiropractor and fitness professional who designed her own prenatal  work-out. A beautiful mom of two toddlers, she videotaped herself working out while pregnant with her youngest. To make things easier for moms-to-be, her videos are segmented into manageable 5-10 minutes sessions.  There’s warm-up, cardio, stretching, strength training and various exercises targeting different areas of the body.
Doctor Cathy’s Relaxing Full Body Stretch:
This is the video that helped removed my back pain.

I noticed that I had the hardest time doing the exercises during the first trimester. My body was still adjusting to the baby and there were days I found myself huffing and puffing and getting dizzy whilst warming up. As I knew it was a delicate time, I gave myself permission to stop and rest until my body was ready. Ironically felt strongest during the last trimester, even if I had gained 36 lbs.  I did almost all of the exercises every day until it was time for the baby to come out.  I was amazed that I could do the modified push-ups and tricep dips even with a bulging tummy.  I was motivated to have an easy delivery. I also read that mommies who exercised during pregnancy had babies with higher IQ. 
Did the exercises make me have an easy delivery?    Well, I still had to go through 24 hours of labor that led to a C-section, even when I did squats and walked around the hospital  while laboring. The doctor said  I had labor arrest due to fetal position. Still, working out helped me bounce back faster from the surgery. Both my OB GYNE and pediatrician were amazed that I was able to sit up and move  the day after surgery. So thanks, Dr. Cathy! 
You can check out Doctor Cathy website at She is now offering more extensive prenatal exercise classes for a fee through her website, but a lot of her work-out videos are still free. And there’s also a program prepared for postpartum moms, which I am currently trying out.  As a precaution, make sure you consult your OB GYNE before doing any of the routines.  I led an active lifestyle and I didn’t have any pregnancy complications that’s why my OB GYNE gave me the go signal to exercise until the last trimester. 

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