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Rabbit of the Year

I did not want to have another pet in the house, but God had another plan.

My daughter has more than 100 fish that we are currently taking care of and there is no more room for more in our house, nor in our hearts. Or so I thought. . .

Then my kids lost their beloved grandma so suddenly and we were all stricken with shock and grief.

A day before her interment, my husband, who had to get something in the car, came into the house with a surprise!

He found this scruffy brown bunny in the front lawn! My husband looked as surprised as we all were, including the bunny. It was not lost on us that exactly a week later it would be Chinese New Year and it happened it’s going to be the year of the rabbit.

My kids were delighted. We originally named him Camilla, but she turned out to be a “he.” So we took to calling him Bunny.

On day of the burial, we went home to find Bunny gone. It was a sad day. Three days, however, hubby found Bunny in the next lot, grazing on wild grass! We knew then that this brown creature with a bushy white tail was indeed chosen for our family.

I am not very fond of furry animals, not at this stage in my life and routine that I have, but I knew this rabbit was a gift from God. It’s so gentle and domesticated. It actually likes being petted and would greet us with a sniff or two every time we come home. It feasted on the leafy veggies, carrots and watermelon that we gave him. We have loved its quiet presence around the house.

It gave my son a reason to go more to the garden and play under the sun. Now he is inspired to eat more vegetables as he watches Bunny munch away his breakfast or lunch.

To his credit, Bunny is easy to take care of and easy to get along with. Its droppings, although plenty, are not offensive to the senses and easy to clean.

To delight the kids, I bought Bunny a transparent backpack so we could take him along with us on trips outside. My daughter loves it when Bunny gets stares and gushes as she walks by and everyone sees Bunny at her back. We also got him a collar and leash like a real pet so take him on walks, er, hops.

Last week we searched for a big and sturdy rabbit cage and saw a picture of one in Lazada being advertised for Php 50. When you look closely, however, you would know that the seller was selling plastic to cover the litter tray. Of course, no one would sell a cage for that cheap a price.

We all wondered if other buyers had mistaken the plastic for an actual cage. Alas, we had a good laugh when we looked at the reviews. Not one, but five people had actually thought they were getting a cage! Three were furious and slammed the online seller, while one had laughed away at his foolishness for not reading the ad carefully. “Bogus seller,” screamed the angry buyer. We found it really funny.

It’s been a month since we have had Bunny. He’s definitely burrowed his way into our hearts. God truly knows what we need and He gave us this cute furry creature as a welcome distraction to help us all heal and move forward.

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  1. so cuteee!

  2. here is the link of the plastic bag that people thought is a cage!!!!!c!!11765295064!521004719&gclid=Cj0KCQiAxbefBhDfARIsAL4XLRohC8r3JkdqdlcOiwRG2vBeHNAziJRlw7TUuKuOFHeJ86MuwjkaH50aAriTEALw_wcB

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