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Smart Parenting Advice this September

Got a nice surprise this week when I opened the September issue of Smart Parenting Magazine and read my advice to new moms on page 46. Mishca’s name is there, too–her first in a magazine. 

This is long version of the advice that I offered: 

“I was scared to carry my newborn. I also didn’t get a yaya. One of the things that really helped me is the SaYa Carrier which was created by my college batchmate Buding Aquino-Dee. It’s a cloth-type carrier that is super flexible. You can wear your baby in many ways. Plus, it’s not bulky like some of the carriers available in the market. Baby is kiss-height so you can cuddle him/her anytime, snug-fit so you don’t worry about the baby falling to the ground. It helped me carry her out of the hospital and into the car. And then helped me move around with her without fear. As she grew heavier, I appreciated that it supported my back so I could carry her wtihout strain. She’s 13 months now and is still very happy to be in it. Yesterday we were at the mall and she was breastfeeding in it as we strolled (Yes, it also serves as a breastfeeding cover). She fell asleep in it afterwards” 

Thanks to my former editor and friend Jaclyn Lutanco-Chua for the feature.  It’s been 14 years since my first article came out in Summit Media’s Good Housekeeping Magazine but I still get a thrill seeing my name in print. 🙂   Thanks, Jac! 

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Click here for my review of the SaYa carrier! Thanks!

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