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The Language of Love in Bangkok

A language lesson courtesy of  Leo and his pretty Thai girlfriend Cherry. We met Leo through Siampinoy, an online community of  Filipinos in Thailand.  He is an Filipino expat in Bangkok.  Cherry and Leo met through the website Tagged 2 years ago. Cherry is a young entrepreneur who owns a trendy spa in Bangkok!  Their online friendship developed into something more! A year ago, Cherry vacationed in Leo’s hometown in the Philippines and they enjoyed Ilo-ilo and Boracay together.

Seven months ago, Leo resigned from his job in Manila  and flew to Bangkok to be with Cherry. The day he resigned was the day he also flew! It was  a leap of faith. Two weeks later, he found a job as  senior export sales executive for  an architectural products manufacturer.


Leo has been in Bangkok for just 7 months, but he can already converse well in Thai. After work, he takes Thai language lessons for 2 hours every week. When Leo and Cherry took us around Thailand on our first night, they kept on talking to each other in Thai!

Leo says Thai is not difficult to learn, not only because he is inspired by his lady-love but because he can get by without taking grammatical structures too seriously. The trick is in getting the right intonation. The word for beautiful, for example, can mean bad luck when said using a descending intonation.

In Leo and Cherry, we experienced the perfect blend of Thai and Filipino hospitality. We wish we have more time to spend with these two lovebirds.

This video was taken on our trip to the Sun Luam night bazaar, a cool shopping and hang-out place that closes at 1AM.  They treated us at Cafe Doitung, which serves the best local coffee around. Mike took the flavorful iced mocha, while I got the rich vanilla and almond ice cream, because coffee makes me insomniac. The funny thing is Leo and Cherry find coffee so soothing, it makes them drowsy! In fact, by the time they finished their shared cup of hot coffee, they were ready to fall asleep!  And they still have to drive us back to our hotel.

Khap Khun Ma Kah, Leo and Cherry!

Love Samui

  1. 3 Responses to “The Language of Love in Bangkok!”

  2. Wow! two sweet couple, remind me of my love story as it is pretty much the same. I resigned from work as a call center representative in Ayala, Makati just to be with my Sweetheart and build a family. Now, I am 5 months pregnant. To Leo and Cherry, Michael and Jenny chokdee ka! (means good luck!)By Elektra on Dec 9, 2009
  3. Sawasdee Krab!Hi Jenny and Mike!Your always welcome! We hope that both of you will enjoy the moment together and of course will win! Our votes will be counted everyday for both of you! In behalf of the SIAMPINOY Community (Filipino Expats here in Thailand), God bless you both!We are so happy being our new friends! We look forward to see soon again and hope to have more time enjoying life here in Thailand same to our beloved country too.โชคดีครับ! = chok dee krab! = Good luck! :=)By Leo on Dec 9, 2009
  4. Great story, Suan Lum will fall victim to profiteering soon, it’s a pity. Have a safe flight to Samui!By incommunicado on Dec 9, 2009


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