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This afternoon I updated my online resume and got reminded that I am exactly 30 years 7 months and 8 days old today. While wondering where the time had gone, I realized that although we age, a part of us never really grows old. How else can you explain the following phenomena?
Sonya's Flowers (2-15-05)
At 30, I never thought I would . . .. . .still have this desire to run wild at a playground and swing and see-saw as high as I can
. . .still have the same glee in eating ice cream, lollipop, cotton candy and chocnut as when I was 8 or 9
. . .still be able to relate to the cartoon characters in Nickelodeon, which I tune in to during the wee hours of the night when sleep escapes me
. . .still get as much mental stimulation from talking to a 4-year-old child as from a 50-year-old erudite.
. . .still get the urge to run/sing/jump while laughing/crying my heart out whenever I feel happy, sad, lonely or just plain silly
. . .still find joy in coloring a jumbo coloring book
. . .still own a piggy bank
. . .still have the time to stare at my pet fish as he lazily swims in his pink aquarium
. . .still be awed at every sunset, sunrise, rainbow or full moon that I am privileged to witness
. . .still have the need to send my wishes and prayers on the tails of shooting stars
. . .still want to go back one more time to Disneyland before having my own kids
. . .still find it hard to stifle a smile when I am alone in a public place and a happy memory enters my mind
. . .still want to blow bubbles on a fine day
. . .still blush when an important person pays me a compliment
. . .still sing Disney tunes with much gusto and conviction
. . .still desperately seek the approval of my parents and want to make them proud of me
. . .still wish I’d become a 5 & UP reporter (Here’s to us, Agay!)
. . .still want to startle people by hiding at a dark corner and shouting, “Boo!”
. . .still get a rush while buying gifts and getting lost in a toy shop (Yey! Toy Kingdom!)
. . .still find Elmo and Cookie Monster so cute
. . .still buy a box of cereal to get the free toy (You can’t blame me. It’s an Incredibles memorabilia.)
. . .still actually own a Supergirl t-shirt and cape
. . .still look out for a firefly on a moonless night
. . .still wish someone would throw me a surprise birthday party
. . .still want to step on and tickle every wild mimosa that I find on the ground
. . .still be thrilled at getting my articles and pictures published
. . .still dream of making this world a little better through my life
. . .still believe that true love will find me at this day and ageI bet I’ll have the same realizations at 60. Here’s to growing up but never growing old. . . .

–by Jennifer Yap Caspe
Written Feb. 16, 2005, 9 PM

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  1. jenny caspe is one person who has that unique ability as far as i am concerned to keep me tongue tied and always on my toes…paradoxically she is also one person with whom i can feel totally relaxed with and free…so how does one go about explaining that…perhaps somethings should never be understood…but just experienced and appreciated…and cherished…like butterflies and roses and rainbows, moonlit nights and starry skies…places of the heart where truth and beauty meets…

  2. At 30, You would still—

    Find right direction of your Home whenever you get lost in the crowd, it provides YOU a Hope & gives YOU Comfort,and feeling Safe……

    At 60, You would still—

    Cherish the small pink Nest– your Shelter, your Harbor that have been taken you away from Danger…from pain…..

    Shout for being Single in a while!!!

    Cheer for having a heart of Youth forever!!!!

  3. hello jen!

    i like this entry… im turning 30 in 6 months… waaaaaaaaah!


    saw your blog sa INQ. visit din my blog ha!

  4. Mandy, Yes! We will be forever young!

    Noreen, no need to panic. If J Lo can be that gorgeous at 30-something and Brad Pitt at 40, we can be, too. And more….

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