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A Welcome Interruption

​Zachary is now 2 months old and I have given myself permission to have alone time in the midst of marathon nursing and never-ending laundry cycles. Last Friday, I was able to dash to the gym where I was alone at last! Fifteen minutes later, I got a call from hubby telling  me that the baby needs me. It’s a good thing that the gym is just 5 minutes from our place. It turned out his nap time shifted 30 minutes earlier thus the fussiness. 

Yesterday I tried to escape to the garden to get some fresh air. My steps were slowed down by the birthday messages sent by friends. Grateful for their thoughtfulness, I replied back. “Finally, time alone!” I said to myself as  I sent the last message. I could venture out and explore  the neighborhood before dusk settled. Before I took the next step, though, I received a text message that the baby was awake and crying for me. I had just put him down for a nap some 15 minutes ago. 

There goes my alone time. . . 

When I got back, Michael told me that the baby shrieked in his sleep and he could not pacify him. It was the loudest he had heard him and he was visibly in distress.  I put him down to bed and spoke to him and he was fine. 

A dear friend had requested if she could have a video chat with me sometime.  My sweet boss also asked me to visit.  I told them I couldn’t even carve out time for myself. Today I have not even have breakfast and lunch time is already past. Such is the life of a mom with very young kids. 

But I am not complaining. . . 

I have learned to welcome these interruptions because I realized I have the privilege of being able to soothe and comfort my child in a  way no one else can and my body is primed to produce the best food to nourish and sustain him.  It is a special gift that God gives to mothers and I am humbled by that.  I am grateful that I can devote this time just being a mommy to my kids.  

And I am rewarded with the cutest smile from an appreciative infant every time I change a wet diaper and plenty of affection from a 6-year-old who leaving for a day out with her dad today showered me with a good amount of goodbye kisses.

For now the world and my friends will have to do without me as I am busy being by my children’s side. 

“Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee,” says the Lord thy God. –Isaiah 49:15
(Typed this blog entry while nursing the little one using a mini-keyboard that is attached to my phone which is put in airline mode so that there is no wifi or cellphone signals to harm the child.) 

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