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Amazon Promotional Offer of the Children’s Book The Dog That Followed Me Home!

The KINDLE version of my  children’s book The Dog That Followed Me Home is now on sale in AMAZON.COM.  Instead of $4.99, the Kindle edition can be bought for only $0.99. The promo will only be from April 30 to May 5 PST ( or April 30 12 PM to May 6 at 12PM Philippine Time). I am really excited about this offer. You and your kids can read the Kindle version of this inspirational book on your tablet or smartphones using the FREE KINDLE APP.

RF-Dog story

The Dog That Followed Me Home, which received 5 STARS from book reviewer Reader’s Favorite,  is a story that I wrote for my daughter Mishca, based on a touching real-life dog encounter that occurred to me in 2004. It teaches kids important virtues such as patience, gratefulness and being kind to animals. It also has a colorful vocabulary page and a section that teaches kids how to deal with stray dogs.

Hope you can avail of this offer and share it with family and friends!  If you like the book,I’d really appreciate it if you can  write a review in Amazon. com. Thanks!

Little Macy wants a baby brother more than anything in the world. She prays and prays, but still no baby. Has God made a mistake? Will He ever answer her prayers? Sad and angry, she takes a walk outside.

Suddenly, a mysterious dog starts following her!How will she get rid of this mangy mutt? Macy is about to learn a simple but deep truth through man’s best friend.

BOOK BONUSES! Inspired by a real-life story, this charming book comes with an illustrated vocabulary page and a section that teaches kids how to deal with stray dogs. Each book purchase entitles you to get an engaging 3-D eBook /audio book that you can play on your computer or tablet!


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What people are saying: 

Sweet with strong messages

By Rachel Horon on December 14, 2014

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

The Dog That Followed Me Home is a sweet rhyming book with many messages to gain from within. Young children have a difficult time being patient for things they want in life, and Macy wants a brother more than anything. She puts her faith in God and learns how he listens even if her one wish doesn’t happen right away. Another message is about stray dogs. She found a loving one in the park, but she was smart how to react when it was following her around. The end of the book has great bonuses including a list of new vocabulary words from the book, tips for safety around dogs, and a child’s prayer of friendship to God.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This book was a fun, quick read for my daughters. My 7yo enjoyed the story very much while my 2yo loved the illustrations. I, on the other hand, loved the beautiful and meaningful message the story imparts to its readers. I love how the story teaches its readers about God’s Love and Power and how It is always everywhere present — this, I believe, is the best teaching we could ever instill in our children’s minds.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

My 7 year old daughter, Heather Owen Lim Yu, initials of H.O.L.Y., told us that she has been praying to God every day for the past 3 years for the healing of her eldest brother at 11 years old who is diagnosed with autism. In a positive way, she said that God has answered so many of her prayers, which includes healing of cancer of total strangers, and even changing hearts of people to accept Jesus. She believes deep down in her heart that God will answer her prayer and heal her eldest brother.

As an adult, after praying everyday for the past 7 years and trying so many things, it is really difficult to keep up the Faith in Glorious God. This book has reminded me that we just need to be patient as God is seldom early but Never LATE.

Please do enjoy the book as it is a quick 5 minute read that is sure to touch even the hardest of hearts.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This Mommy With No Nanny, Jennifer Yap Caspe, has my vote with her latest children’s book, The Dog That Followed Me Home. What better way to share the good news of Christianity than with the story of a child and a dog. It reflects the sweet, whimsical mind of a child who feels confident and loved. And who really, really, really wants a baby brother! This superbly written and illustrated picture book will delight little children and adults alike. Caspe concluded with a page on how to deal with unfriendly dogs and another on Word Power: describing some of the “big” words used in the book. The perfect gift for children who have (almost) everything!
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