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Work of Art

Today my little artist was busy at work  with her Playdoh Gumball machine. When she was done with her creation, she exclaimed:

“I like to give it to mommy!”

Then she ran to hand me the  gift, a red bear made of clay.


I realized this is the first time she was able to make something like this on her own. It is also her first tangible gift to me, although she told me she was giving me a pink dinosaur on my birthday.

She eventually gave another one for her dad. This time with all the sides cleaned up. Daddy showed it proudly to me. “I got something better,” he bragged to me.



She’s going through the terrible twos now and there can be times she becomes testy, especially when all her violet and pink polka dots shirts are in the wash. In spite of that, the sweetness is still there.

“You’re a good mom,” she told me two night ago  after I handed her the food that she was requesting.

She casually announced at breakfast: “The spaghetti is so very good. Thank you, Mommy!”

There’s nothing like an appreciative kid to make a mom’s day.

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