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Breakfast in Bed

IMG_7068Being in bed is bliss. . .

I love it that our bedroom window faces the east and the far-away hills. From it, I see my favorite clubhouse, where Mishca had her first birthday. When I lie down in bed, I have an unobstructed view of the clear, blue sky. Today, though, there is a plastic kite dangling from a wire, still a welcome sight as it sways to the summer breeze. Sometimes when I look out of my window, I forget that I’m right in the heart of Metro Manila. This for me is city-living in its finest. And every day that I wake up to greet the day, I’m thankful for this blessing. 


Yesterday, a nursing Mishca surprised me again by saying, “Saraaap!!!”

What does Mommy’s milk taste like? As a bottle-fed baby, I really am curious every time I ask.

“Like chicken with gravy, strawberry, grapes, chocolate. . .” she said in rapid succession. Wow, all these are her favorite food!

Breast milk must really be heaven-sent to taste this good. My only problem is how I can ever wean her from it.

Today I’ve decided that we are staying in bed because she had a tantrum at 2 in the morning and I still have a headache because of it. We had Savory chicken for breakfast. She ate a lot without spilling anything. Then I gave her dessert.

In the middle of the meal, I noticed that she was digging into the grapes to remove the seed. Smart baby! I didn’t teach her that. I was even more amazed with her next move. She popped a seedless grape into my  mouth. Oh, so she was doing it for me! Touched si Mommy! 

Then she did the unthinkable. She started juicing the strawberries and grapes with her bare fingers. After a while, the dessert bowl was on her head.


I ended up cleaning, no, eating, all this mess. Yummiest mess I ever had to clean.

 Couldn’t really blame her. She’s just acting her age. 


Last Sunday, I asked her before bedtime: “What’s the color of Big Bird?”  

“Green!” she told me without batting an eyelash. 

I’d been fearing she might be color blind for I’ve been teaching her to tell colors apart for months now. 

I let this pass, and continued my conversation with her dad. 

While I was in mid-sentence, she butted in: “Big Bird’s yellow!” 

Oh, she knew all along. I’d  been had–again! 


–April 26, 2013 



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