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Q&A With My 4-Year-Old Mishca

Random Conversations with my 4-year-old daughter Mishca. . . June-July 2-15

Mishca: How do you know how to take care of me?

Mom: Huh?

Mishca: Did you go to Love School?


Mom: Why are you so cute?

Mishca: Because God made me!




Mom: Stop licking me! Why do always want to lick mom?

Mishca: So I don’t miss what mom tastes like!



Overhearing her dad and I plan a family trip. . .  Sept. 29, 2015

Mishca: My favorite part is the home part,when we go home.

Mom: Why?

Mishca: Because I love home. Why can’t we just delete our flight?



Knowing my penchant for pictures and albums. . .

Mishca: Picture-taking tayo so we’ll have dusty garages and a messy house!



After a warm soak at the tub. . .

Mishca: I need to watch you again!

Mom: Why?

Mishca: Because I love you!



Upon seeing a picture on a panda on the internet. . .

Mishca: Can I buy one panda?  If there is one , you’ll buy?  I want to give them all my Chopsuey because it has bamboo shoots!

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  1. 7 years later….. I am now 11 and I am commenting… Me overhearing that we are going out…. me: can we delete our trip??? (giving an update 10 years from now)

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