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An Encouraging Email and a Moon-lit Stroll

I received an encouraging email from a close friend today. I almost didn’t open it because I thought it was spam. When I did, I had to read it carefully to let it sink in. She told me she thought of me upon waking up and so she wrote this short note I  realized that growing up  I had been programmed to shrug off compliments and internalize criticism–to my detriment. I don’t know if this is common among ladies or if it is just me.  Now I know better.  So I let her words warm my soul.


At dinner tonight, my 22-month-old reminded us: “Pray to Jesus.”  We were too consumed on wanting to start feeding her that we forgot to pray.

While strolling at a big park, Mishca saw people on mechanical exercise machines. She wanted to try them, but we forbade her.

“Mom, look for new playground,”  she told me as we were driving home.

Where can I find an open playground at 8:30 in the evening?  But there was a surprise in store.

Upon entering the subdivision, I asked Michael if we could pass by this other playschool that I was considering.  Michael took another route  and we stumbled upon a well-lit and spacious park  inside our subdivision. We had the whole  park and swing set to ourselves. It was also well-manicured, with nary a mosquito in sight!

“Mishca excited!”  she said as she jumped up and down on my poor  lap.

“Mishca very happy!” She exclaimed as she sat on the white swing.

version 2

Mishca smiling for our Kodak point &shoot camera 

We told her that it was Jesus who found her that park.  As Mishca and her dad were swinging away, I went to the edge of the park, which was perched on a hill, overlooking the mountains of Rizal. The moon was full and bathed the night sky with an amber glow.

“Moon’s very lovely,” said my daughter as I took my seat on the swing beside her.  It always amazes me how eloquent she is for her age.



And so we swung away.  A perfect end to a quiet but perfect day. My only regret is we didn’t take our DSLR with us, so all these pictures where taken with a  point and shoot camera. At least we have pictures to remember this special night. 

Thank you, Lord, for good friends and  dinners and moon-lit nights and swing sets and a grateful toddler.

                                                                                                                                                                           –March 30, 2013 



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