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Babies Can Learn A Second Language

Teach your baby a second language through WINKtoLEARN DVDs. Avail of the 30 percent store-wide discount until January 2018.


Like his elder sister, I started Zachary’s flash card education when he hit 5 months old. I play his WINKtoLEARN Speak and Read Chinese DVD at mid-morning when he is most alert. The moment I prop him up in bed and he sees me opening the computer, he stops all movement and puts on a serious face.

This is the only time I can put the bed rails down without fearing he will crawl off the bed because he just stays put and concentrates on the images in front of him.

The other week I stopped the video too early and he let out a shout in opposition. This baby does not complain at all except when he needs to eat so that was a rarity. I am glad he loves learning.



WINKtoLEARN provides one of the most comprehensive range of early language learning resources like flash cards, DVDs and CDs helping your child to acquire multiple languages. Our programs are inspired by proven teaching methods pioneered by Dr. Glenn Doman  and Dr. Makato Shichida.

WINKtoLEARN (WTL) offers English, Chinese, 8 Asian and 6 European language DVDs, including Filipino and Spanish.  Each segment or chapter, which is composed of words and pictures plus a song, is just 2 minutes and a half  long so you are sure your baby is not spending too much time on TV.

All Chinese DVDs contain both traditional (used by Hongkong and Taiwan)  and simplified characters (used by Mainland China) spoken by native speakers  and you can choose which version to show your child.

This is a sample of one of the Mandarin lessons.


I have proven Wink to Learn’s effectiveness with my eldest. I showed her the video at least 3x a week when she was 6 months old. The trick was to let her watch when she is most receptive and stop before she got bored. She loved the songs and would dance to the music when she learned to stand on her crib.

At 16 months old, Mishca went with us to China  and she easily eased into basic Mandarin and delighted the people that we met there. At one point during the trip, I sang the Chinese version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to her while we were shopping. She sang back and completed the remaining verses. I was happily surprised that she knew the all lyrics. It was in Disc 1 of WTL. She had just started speaking three months before that trip, so I was quite impressed.

At 22 months, she beat her Dad at a game of name the .body part in Mandarin. At 24 months, I started showing her the WTL Chinese Speech and Drama, which are short animation stories with moral lessons. At 3 years old, she was happily reading Chinese picture books.

Now at 6 years old, her comprehension and speaking ability is beyond her Dad’s, who took 6 years of formal Chinese classes. Daddy could not be more pleased.

From my experience it is best to show these videos in the earlier years, from babyhood to about 2 to 3 years old. Older kids will want more engaging teaching material such as the Speak & Read Chinese Speech and Drama edition.



Log on to to purchase the videos. You can buy the DVDs which will be shipped via post from Singapore. Shipping is free and it takes about 2 weeks to reach the Philippines. You can also purchase the  online digital streaming version which costs cheaper but you will need internet access and the videos will only be available for your child to use for a year.

Enjoy a 30% discount for all  WTL DVDs and digital products are from now until the year ends. Flash cards are 20% off.  Avail of this promo and invest in your child’s early education. You will not regret it.   CODE: sale30 and flashcards20


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