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Before You Go to Labor. . .

Things to do before you go to give birth. . . Inspired by a friend who gave birth at 30 weeks. . .

1. Get your bags packed. This includes your clothes, nursing wear, toiletries and make-up (of course! Your family and friends will take lots of photos!). Plus, your babies’ clothes and toiletries. Bring enough for the two of you for 5 to 6 days at most. You won’t be able to predict whether you will be staying at the hospital for how many days.  I had to extend my stay as my baby needed photo therapy. 

2. Have a maternity ward tour. This will help remove some of the fear  and will prepare you mentally for one of the most memorable milestones in your life. 

3. Discuss how you are going to document the birth!   Talk to you husband what pictures are okay and what are for your eyes’ only!  


Photo: Three-day-old Mishca with Daddy 

4.  Bring a relaxation aid. Mine was a spiky stress ball bought at a Japanese store. I was still clutching it at the operating room after laboring for 24 hours.  

5. Take a long shower. You don’t know when you will be able to take a bath again. Some cultures take a “no-bath” policy that can last for 2 months!    

6. Schedule the  newborn photoshoot or  baby hand and foot casting near your due date. If you are a photobuff like my sister and me, you will appreciate this as you are recuperating from the birth. 

7. Decide on your child’s name and discuss the right spelling with whoever will be filling out the form for the birth certificate. 

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