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Curing Tooth Decay Naturally


My daughter M at 3 with Dr. Ebuen, one of our favorite biological dentists

My daughter  developed cavities at 2 and sent me in a panic because she was so young. At first we went to the dentist to have them fixed but then she got allergic to the topical anesthesia. We were also concerned about the BPA in composite (white) fillings, so we stopped. We did some research and read the ebook Cure Tooth Decay (

cure cavit


We started feeding her with Green Pasture Blue Ice Royal Blend (Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Concentrated Butter Oil). Not only were the cavities arrested, when her milk teeth came out at 5 years old, I checked them out and the cavities were filled in. Of course it was not as white as teeth without cavities but it was so amazing to me that her teeth healed itself, even without a single application of fluoride. For those who want to try it, Green Pasture Blue Ice Royal Blend is available in Lazada.

green pasture

This post is not meant to discourage you from bringing your child to the dentist. My desire is for parents to realize that good nutrition can help strengthen ¬†and, in our daughter’s case, heal milk teeth cavities.

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