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US Tourist Visa Application Tips for Families

Are you thinking of applying for a US Tourist Visa, do not proceed WITHOUT the help of the US Visa Coach.

I have applied for a US visa twice in my life and got a 10-year-multiple entry visa each time, but I know how tricky the interview can get. A wrong answer can get you a denial–fast. In fact, I have friends who were given a denial by the US consulate after answering the very first question. They did not know what hit them! It was a traumatic experience for them for sure.

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It’s not about having enough money, credentials or good looks, believe me! If you are a first-time US Tourist Visa applicant, or if you have been denied many times before, availing of the US Visa Coach’s Master Package will be worth the investment.

What is the US Visa Master Package?

The US VISA COACH Master Package is the ONLY COMPLETE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE and AUDIO COACHING in the world right now that CAN HELP YOU SUCCESSFULLY apply for a US Tourist Visa!  It is so simple that you don’t even have to drop by your local US Embassy website.

Package Compilations

THE US VISA COACH will show you:

How to expedite your appointment with the US EmbassyHow to shorten your preparation time by 75%(Yes, all those assuming and hidden links do confuse most applicants. I am making it easy for you)
What the two most common questions are and how to answer them properly
The best day and time for an appointment with better chances of approval

  • Why the absence of one document can automatically result to a denial
    How the interviewing consuls think and how you can change that to your favor
  • Why dressing in a certain way can be disadvantageous to you
  • How to arrange your documents on appointment day
  • Why answering the questions fully can still grant you a denial and many more!
There are plenty of success stories right on their website. Log on to for more information.
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  1. I want to go there for business purpose

  2. I want to go there for job purpose

  3. Dear sir..I am a resident of the Philippines and would like to acquire a B2 or tourist visa is going to finance my trip to us for the month of Feb to April but don’t know what would be the first step in doing such..

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