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Finding Time For You

Today I got up at dawn  to watch my very first live full-length classical ballet show! It was Sleeping Beauty by the American Liberty Ballet School. The treat was some of the principal dancers were my teachers.

It was a 2-hour show but I sat there transfixed. It inspired me to continue dancing and aspire for pointe even at this seeming late age.  You see,  I look at  dance not just as an artistic expression, but as a form of worship. I want to be able to worship God through dance.

As a mommy with no nanny or help, it is not easy to find time for myself. I have no complaints though, because this is simply how my husband and I have chosen to raise our kids. To compensate for that, I have taken to waking up early to give me some breathing space. As a night owl, it is not easy to but I have been at it for 3 months now. And it makes a whole lot of difference in my disposition.

What are the thiings you are passionate about? What makes you truly happy? How will you carve out time in your schedule to do more of the things that fulfill you?


-Written July 18, 2021

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