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Kiddie Furniture to Organize Your Child’s Room


I love furniture that serves more than one purpose.Therefore, when I found myself in a bind on how to organize my toddler’s burgeoning collection of toys, I looked for furniture that doubles as something else. 

I was setting my sights on a plastic toy organizer,but figured that it would make the room just as cluttered because all the toys will still be exposed. So I got an  inexpensive storage bench  from S&R that matches the color of the toy room. I got rid of the clutter but needed shelving to neatly organize her books. Then, my sister suggested a local  furniture and souvenir-maker called Handicrafts, atbp. I visited their Facebook shop and fell in love with their designs. 

Tot Tutor

Photo courtesy of Tot Tutor Toy Organizer


Instead of getting Mishca a book shelf, I got her this kitchen set!   playset1

When she first played with it, she didn’t sleep until 1:30 AM!  The first meal she “cooked” was the crabs that her Uncle Randolph gave her! The first she put in the top shelf of the ref is Big Bird. Then, she exclaimed, “Oh no, Big Bird catching cold!” playset


The kitchen set comes in 3 different designs. They have two  basic kitchen sets. One has a sink, one doesn’t.  We got the complete set with a 3-layer refrigerator so that she has more storage space for her books. The dimensions are 39.5 inches L x 15 inches D x 35 inches W. 

IMG_6683 (1024x683) (2)


What I love about it: 

  • I was able to customize the color to match her playroom. You can also have them draw your child’s favorite cartoon character for a small fee. 
  • They used very thick glass and cabinet snaps for the oven, microwave and ref, making it safer for kids who may be careless in closing and opening the doors. 
  • The latex paint they used is not smelly at all even if the playset was newly painted when we got it. 
  • The height and size of the playset is just right–not too small like the ones sold at the mall and not too big either. I figured it will still be  comfortable enough for her to  use until she is 4 or 5 years old. 
  • Although their prices are fixed, you will receive points for purchasing their products, which will make you eligible for a discount on your next purchase. 

Because of her kitchen playset, Mishca has learned to keep her toys where they belong. She still keeps Big Bird at the freezer and her ice cream tower, too. “Tomorrow again,” She told her dolls before they were kept in the cupboard beside the oven. 

Handicrafts at Iba Pa also have a construction set for boys,complete with tools such as hammer, saw  and fliers and lots and lots of cabinet space. They also sell vanity dressers, study tables,  fold-able easels, kiddie stools (which some celebrities use as birthday party souvenirs for their kids), storage benches,  doll houses that serve as shoe racks, book diaper bins, etc.   

You can find Handicrafts,atbp in Facebook.  

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  1. how much po yung toy storage from s&r? i’m planning to buy one for my son’s toys din. thank you.

    • I don’t know po, Ms. Erica. Pero itong toy storage namin is P6000. 🙂 Kindly log on to Handricrafts Atbp. for more details. Thank you! 🙂

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