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TV: Kidnapped! The Geraldine Ong Story

Kidnapped! This is an amazing story of Sunday School teacher Geraldine Ong and how God’s word protected her and saved her from her kidnap-for-ransom captors.

Posted with permission from CBN Asia, Inc.  Watch more inspiring stories
and interviews on
The 700 Club Asia, Monday to  Friday  11PM  on the GMA News Channel


Behind The Scenes: After our interview, we asked Geraldine if she could personally do the re-enactment of her story so that we can stick as close to the story as possible. I was glad when she said yes. It must be hard for a victim to re-visit the past, but Geraldine didn’t seem to have been traumatized by the experience. We took her to a rented bahay kubo somewhere in the outskirts of Manila for the shoot. We had her tell us exactly how she was abducted, how the kidnappers covered her eyes (with band-aids at that!) and tied her hands. At one point, while she was “struggling” against the kidnappers in the car, she accidentally bumped the camera who was filming her from the driver’s seat. Ouch! But trooper that she was, we never heard a single complaint from our actress. Cameraman Reynold and I even planted a joke by letting the action continue, without yelling cut, while turning off the camera and going out of the bahay kubo. The actress and her captors were so engrossed by the scene that they didn’t even miss us. We all had a laugh! Then, she showed us how she shared Jesus to her captors. It was a very touching moment. The crew, the actors and I were very blessed to have met this remarkable woman of God.

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