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TV: Gary V Anniversary Concert

Gary V is celebrating his 30th year in Showbiz and he is performing at the Mall of Asia as I type this. Flashback: Fourteen years ago, I had the privilege of covering his 16th year concert at the Fort.  Talked to the people closest to him–The Manoeuvres (I still cannot spell it properly 14 years later!), his son Paolo and his dad Vic who happened to be my first photography teacher!

Went to interview him after the concert at his trailer.  It was already 2 AM and he was suffering from cramps after a grueling 3-hour performance, but he still managed to entertain me and  my cameraman Cris Lopez.  He was all smiles as he passionately shared about his faith and future plans. Such a humble man, like his father.  He is truly a gem!

Happy 30th, Gary! And advance happy birthday!

Here is the video that we shot for the 700 Club Asia. . .

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Behind the Scenes:

It was raining before the concert And this was going to be held in an open field! But Gary’s staff Vina shared that it always happened  before every concert and they were used to it. They saw it as a blessing, she said. True enough, it stopped drizzling before the concert started.

This is a very memorable segment for me,  because aside from getting the chance to be up close and personal with Mr. Pure Energy,   I also edited the video  myself and the computer crashed so many times because of all the  effects. Our high-tech AVID editing machine just wasn’t used to all the layers. I remember rendering the effects for hours before the final product came to be. But then this was 14 years ago and the effects I put in the video could now easily be replicated by any  laptop computer with a video editing software. 🙂

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