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Leap! It’ a Leap Year!

Earlier this year, I was asking God what He wanted me to do to improve the quality of my life. As I was praying for direction and I heard one word in my spirit,  “Dance!”

At church that same day, the pastor said the same thing: Dance! Never be too ashamed to dance for the Lord. I knew God was on to something. Music and movement has always been a big part of my life, but because of the busyness of life, I had to park my dancing shoes for a while.

 My husband and I in Palawan

The ballet school I attended years ago came to mind.  I remember how fun and challenging classes were, until I discovered that I was pregnant. ( I had to stop but did some Zumba on my own till days before giving birth!) When I called, I was told that they would start accepting new enrollees next June. That is too long a wait for me. Another ballet school said  they did not have enough enrollees to hold a class for adults.

A few weeks later, I enrolled my 8-year-old daughter to a new relatively new ballet studio near our place. The time and location are perfect for us.  The teacher Lina Ishii is a Russian-trained ballerina who goes to St. Petersburg yearly to hone her skills. As my daughter was having her lesson, I saw a poster outside the studio which said that Teacher Lina has handled students from 5 to 60 years old. That piqued my interest so I asked her after class if I could join. She told me I could! Happiness! However, the adult class had a schedule that would mean I had to be away from the brood until past their bedtime. They still cannot sleep without me.

“You can join this one!” Teacher Lina answered, solving my dilemma. She said some of her adult students also join in with the little ones.

That’s how I became my daughter’s ballet classmate.The next class I found myself the only adult student in attendance! I hesitated for a while, but I remembered what God had told me and bravely made my way to the barre. I really enjoyed the class and was looking forward to the next even before we were dismissed! Teacher Lina is an excellent teacher and I am glad to be learning the basics from one of the best.

And guess what? After class, a mom who was fetching her child pointed at me and asked the teacher if she could also join! Ha! I knew it! I was going to start a TREND!

So I am now in my 6th class with the kids and  relishing every moment before I become too busy or pregnant again!  Even a bruised miniscus did not stop me from attending class and I was surprised my knee did not bothered me  at all even with all the stretching, sautés, and pas de chat (jumping), when I was limping a few days before. My body really amazed me.

How about you? What have you always dreamed of doing or becoming? Did you know that that ache has been placed by God?  Why don’t you give yourself permission to pursue your dreams today? Don’t be afraid of what other people will say. You are only accountable to God for your life. It’s never too late and you are never too old.

Go ahead and LEAP!


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