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Ocean Deep

Having the beach literally to yourself very early in the morning. . .

The little one just nursed and was soundly asleep so I took a well-deserved me-time. The birds had just awakened and were stirring in the trees and finding food in the nearby lagoon. With a spring in my step, I walked about 400 meters to the beach front of beautiful Hamilo coast.  When I arrived on the quiet shores, it was deserted. The sun was just rising.

With the waves gently lapping at my feet and the golden sun  slowly warming my back, I took a good look at the ocean in front of me and got reminded that God’s love  is as vast and as deep as the ocean. Or maybe even more than that. There is no need to fear the future. My hopes and dreams are safe in His keeping. 

Beach TMWNN (1024x683)

I’ve always known that, but it is different when you are face to face with creation. It becomes real and easier to grasp.

I went to the breakfast at the hotel, and I was also the first one there. This is both a  feat and a feast for a night owl and a mommy of a very active toddler.

Thank you, Jesus!

As I was about to my last bite, guess who came in and held me?  Yup, it’s Mishca carried by Daddy.  Back to mommy duties!

The tune playing in my head this lovely morning: Your love is stronger  than the sound of heaven’s praises. . .Higher than lofty mounty peaks. . .Deeper than the deepest ocean valleys. . . Strong enough for me. . .

-written on March 4  at 7:30 Am

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