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Moving Mountains

Faith can move mountains. We, Christians, often say it, but do we really believe it? Is this promise by Jesus Christ just a hyperbole or can we take Him at His word?


Here is an account from history as written in the book “Speak to the Mountain” by award-winning journalist and 700 Club Israel TV host Christine Darg:

Speaking to the mountains applies in all areas of faith, not just healing. In the tenth century, Cairo’s Mokattam Mountain was literally moved by faith. This saved Christians from persecution after the Caliph challenged Coptic Christians to fulfill Matthew 17:20 (Jesus’ promise about mountain-moving faith).

The Caliph said they must prove the words of Jesus or die! A Coptic saint named Simon the Tanner (or Samaan the Tanner as he was known in Cairo–JYC) gave the faith command after believers fasted for three days,and the mountain that was obstructing the Caliph’s view jumped three kilometers! Onlookers glimpsed the rising sun under the mountain as it jumped. (An earthquake had reportedly occured.–JYC)

The monastery of Saint Simon commemorates the miracle which occurred at the time of the 62nd Coptic pope called Abram. God led us to visit that historic mountain and at that place, He instructed us to speak to the mountain of spiritual opposition to be moved.

We did exactly as we were told. Obstacles were removed. The Lord opened for our ministry an extraordinary door to set up a gospel tent not far from the Mokattam Mountain in one of the greatest citadels of the Arab world. -p.27

Watch a video of this miracle as told by Christine & Peter Darg here:

Christine has traveled around the world to share the good news of Jesus Christ. She has seen blind eyes opened in a leprosy colony, people abandoning wheelchairs and crippled limbs and spines being restored in the name of Jesus. She was recently in the Philippines and we were privileged to have attended a dinner hosted for her and her husband Peter in Intramuros.

Mishca and Michael 11/13/2014

Today my husband Michael and I had a first-hand experience of how our speech removes obstacles and enables God to perform miracles on our behalf. In my daily Bible reading, I came upon Luke 17:6, where Jesus said:

“If ye had as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea, and it should obey you.”

Jesus only requires faith as big as a mustard seed. A lady pastor once gave me a bookmark from Israel with real mustard seeds embedded on it. I can tell you that mustard seed is almost as small as a coarse grain of sand.

While I was reading my Bible, Michael was printing some flyers in our home office. Our printer had been giving him problems for almost two days. The printer head of the black ink had dried up. A technician told him that there was no recourse but to have it changed,  which would cost P5,000 and would entail a trip to Caloocan which is almost an hour away.

As the flyers were needed today, he had no choice but to make do with the defective printer head. The first batch of printing come out badly. This is how it looks:

Then he realized he also needed to print another flyer for our store ( This flyer is full-colored, with a dark-blue background. He wondered out loud if it would print at all. Being reminded of what Jesus promised in Luke 17, I made a challenge.

“Instead of praying and begging for God to fix this printer, why don’t we speak to it and declare for it to be fixed?” I suggested. We did just that and hit print, then casually went to the dining table across the room to have breakfast. No cleaning of printer heads or nozzle, no refilling of ink tanks.

In a matter of minutes, the printer churned out the finished product and we were astonished by the result! The printer printed the full-colored flyer without a hitch. More so, there was a section composed of black letters which printed perfectly! (Busted black printer head should not be able to print black letters) We printed more and each time the printer produced a perfect copy! This is our sample print:

As we wrapped up work t0night, we  still couldn’t dismiss our sense of awe. It is a reminder for us to take God at His word and to believe Him for more miracles. The exciting thing is He wants us to be conduits of these miracles through our words. –written Nov.20, 2014

Incidentally,  November 27 (today!)  marks the memorial of  The Miracle of Moving the Mokattam Mountain, according to the website of Saint Samaan The Tanner Monastery.

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