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My Quest for A Healthy Pregnancy

It all started  when we decided to have a baby. That very day I  raided my toiletry cabinet and found that a lot of the beauty products I was using had this sentence in fine print: Not Suitable for Pregnant Women.

A quick research made me discover that a lot of the ingredients in my lotions, whitening products,  shampoo, deodorant, sunblock and even toothpaste are bad for the health. Some mimic the hormone estrogen and with repeated use can cause tumors and cancer. Some cause endocrinal and reproductive malfunction.   More so, if you use these while you are pregnant, it can affect the development of your unborn child. And so, off to the trash with 3/4 of those products went.

Some of my DREADED Ingredients:

Phthalates–can cause  tumors, infertility and birth defects

Triclosan–endocrinal malfunction, infertility

Parabens–allergenic and causes premature aging

BHT/BHA–can cause tumors and cancer

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)– irritant

I wanted to go all natural so I searched the net for alternatives. I did find plenty of organic substitutes such as honey as  facial wash, lemon to whiten the skin and oats as a natural scrub, but I knew that with my lifestyle, I wouldn’t be able to prepare these on a daily basis.

The next solution was to find imported organic products. Not only did they put a big dent on my pocket, but the shampoos I tried gave me frizzy hair. They were just not made for the tropics.

Then,  a friend suggested the local brand Leyende, maker of organic soaps and lotions. I tried their cleverly named facial wash and lotion and instantly fell in love. My husband loved the scent too. Smells like pastry.  

I was ecstatic to discover there were already quite a few local organic brands in the market. And their products can give those imported brands a run for their money.  I found Milea‘s mineral make-up on Multiply. They also carry a line of bath, beauty and baby products. Their Coffee Body Salt Scrub became my only coffee fix since I’m sensitive to caffeine.  I also love  Ilog Maria‘s hand-made soaps. And just between us, I use their Ilang-Ilang Massage Oil as perfume. It’s the only fragrance I’ve found that doesn’t irritate my skin and nose.

And then there’s Human Nature–my best find ever. Created by  Meloto Sisters (daughters of Kawad Kalinga’s Tony Meloto), Human Heart Nature offers an inexpensive line of beauty, skin care, bath and baby products with a cause. Every time you buy their products, a portion of the proceeds goes to support local farmers who harvest raw materials for their all-natural ingredients. I am addicted to their shampoo with creamfoam technology, their lip balm, hand sanitizer and handy pocket soap. My husband loves their cocoa butter, goat’s milk and guava lotion (Yikes, I don’t know if he’ll want you to know this!) and their vitamin-infused day and night cream. I can go on and on about their world-class products because they have an ever expanding line and their product formulations just keep getting better.

My baby daughter Mishca was groomed to be a Human Nature baby even before she came out of the womb. Not wanting to have any toxic chemical touch her skin, I brought HN’s baby wash to the hospital and asked the nurses to use it for her first bath. 

All these products can be bought online.  Make sure you order from their company’s main website to be sure you get your orders. These are established brands that offer secure online shopping.  As a busy mom, I really appreciate the time I save by buying online. Thank God for these healthy alternatives!

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  1. love this jen! magshoshopping ako sa human heart nature soon. thanks!

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