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Near Death Experience: This Christian Died & Went to Hell (Full-length English Version)

Jason Gapasin, a university professor, tells the story of how he died and found himself in hell. As a Christian, he could not believe he would end up in this place of torment. He shares the reason why people who die, even if they know and have accepted Jesus, can end up in this bottomless pit. He has an important message to share.

Jason is the college friend of my husband. They lost touch after graduation. We bumped into him one Sunday after church in 2019 and this was how we heard his story. I filmed our brief talk and posted it on this Youtube channel.

So many people asked that we do a full-length interview with Jason and here it is–finally! Jason has a personal message to a handful of our viewers before we concluded the video and it will bless you, so do watch till the end.

We shot this video in English as a lot of the viewers are from the US. But we also did one in Filipino, which will be out soon.

I will also post 2 other interviews with him in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned.

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