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Online Abacus Classes for Kids K-6

Kids do not need to fear math. If you make this often dreaded subject a part of your child’s daily life and routine, math can be a breeze. You can do this by teaching your child abacus. And here is an abacus online training that can make it fun for both you and your child.

My 6-year-old is an artist through and through. She doesn’t really care much about math. That is why we started her math education early by teaching her soroban abacus math. She started when she was 5.

She took 4 sessions of formal abacus class training, after which I started training her on my own. She is now in Grade 1 and has for 2 quarters perfected her math long exams. I am one proud mama, especially since I do not really take too long in reviewing or quizzing her.  How many kids do you know get 100% in their long exams, right? I credit this to her early exposure to the abacus.


Her daily routine involves answering a worksheet or 2 of abacus and then she goes through her VCIS homeschool subjects which includes Grade 1 Math by Bob Jones University press.

So how did I train her if I had no prior abacus training? I had to teach myself. I went through pages and pages of Google search to find Right Lobe Math. I think I found them on page 10 of  my Google search.

Right Lobe Math teaches soroban abacus, the type used in Japan and India. It was created  by 2 fathers who wanted to teach their kids how fun math can be.  They share their story on this video.

Kids as young as 5 or 6 can enroll on this online platform. It is the most affordable online abacus program I have found. The monthly plan will cost you just $4 and the yearly plan, which saves you even more, is only $29! I think the creators of RLM did this as a service to parents and teachers.

But do not let the price fool you. This is a comprehensive abacus course that is very interactive and entertaining for kids and even for an adult like me. It will challenge and tickle your brain in new ways.


It is fun and entertaining for kids  as there are interactive animals that cheer them on when they do well in their training. There is also interesting animation to usher them from one level to another. It’s like playing a cool video game.  The CEO of  a robotics company with a third grader says it this way: “This week for the first time I have seen my son being really proud of himself and so scientifically excited, because of his scholarly achievement with your Abacus Math program. It happened for the first time in his life. I am so thrilled and thankful. Now Nick got the bug for math thanks to the Soraban Sumo and your gamified program. From now on it would be easier for me to get him hooked on high-tech research and engineering. ”


Right Lobe Math touts itself as a highly structured self-paced, self-learning early math training platform for grades K- 6. The RLM math training platformRLM can be used online by individual learners or by teachers organizing an online digital classroom and even homeschool moms like me.

RLM is focused on the early math education challenge of help students learn basic numeracy, number sense, facts proficiency and master all of the arithmetic operations. It provides a complete mental calculation training program where students learn to utilize their math skills during mental calculation with great speed and accuracy.

The goal really is mental calculation–solving math problems by seeing an abacus in your mind’s eye. I never thought this was possible but after months of practice, I now see abacus beads in my head when I need to do some addition. It is much easier for young kids to learn this as their brains are primed for learning.


I suggest you try this out for yourself. If you are a self-motivated learner who loves  games, it can be quite addicting, I warn you.

Some tips on how to start your child’s abacus program: 

  •  Read the Right Start Math blog for instructions about everything from buying an abacus to teaching the abacus to your kids.
    • Buy a soroban abacus. RLM sells an abacus for $10 to their US subscribers, but you can buy from local sellers online. Try this Lazada abacus.
  • Get a numeric keyboard to help your child answer faster. 


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