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Our Ultimate Thailand Adventure. . . The Beginning



365 entries from around the world and we were chosen to be part of the top 5 finalists–thanks to you and our loyal supporters from around the country. . .


This is the video that started our Koh Samui adventure. . .


This is how they described us in the website. . .

Michael and Jenny are longtime friends and online chat-mates who fell in love and got married a little over a year ago. Since Jenny was stationed in Manila and Michael was in his home province in southern Philippines a big chunk of their courtship was spent online. They communicated via instant messaging and social networking sites, posting pictures and letters to communicate their love for each other. Their love story has been featured twice on Philippine television. Aside from sharing a deep faith, Michael and Jenny both have a penchant for good food, books, spa treatments, travel and adventure.

Why did Michael and Jenny choose Koh Samui?

According to Michael and Jenny, “Traveling to Thailand feels like coming home to the warm embrace of a dear friend.” They had both traveled to Thailand separately in their teens and were enamored by the gentleness and hospitality of the Thai people. Michael and Jenny enjoyed the distinct flavor of the food: breakfast was a meal Jenny looked forward to during her stay because her hotel served a big feast fit for a king. Michael couldn’t get enough of the spicy food and Jenny, the mangosteen! They traveled to Bangkok and Pattaya separately  during their first visit to Thailand when they were teenagers and at that time had never even heard of Koh Samui.

A few years ago, Jenny was channel surfing when she chanced upon a cable TV report on Koh Samui. She saw the sandy white beaches, spa resorts and the scenic views and concluded that Koh Samui is Thailand’s well-kept secret. She told herself that they would visit the place one day. While doing research on Koh Samui, Michael and Jenny discovered that Samui has so many natural wonders, man-made adventures and attractions to offer. Since they are both nature enthusiasts, adventurers and animal lovers, they knew it was the place they wanted to visit and promote!


  • A lovely pair with an enchanting love story. hekhek.fight for love,of love,with love,by love…By Villamor Almomento on Nov 26, 2009
  • Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on this site. ;) God bless you!By Mike & Jenny on Nov 27, 2009
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