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How Being Barefoot Heals

No matter how hard we tried, we could not get our daughter to wear slippers inside the house. Now all of us walk barefoot at home and it is not just because we want to keep our house clean. Being barefoot and connecting to the ground, we discovered,  has healing properties.  This is called grounding, being grounded or earthing.


Have you ever noticed how rejuvenating  it is to walk barefoot on the beach?  Walking in grass covered dew early in the morning has the same effect. But if you do not have access to the beach or a garden, the good news is walking on cement or even tile that is connected directly to the ground with no insulators like plastic or wood in between  also does the same thing to the body. It connects the body to the earth’s electromagnetic fields, thereby helping improve the following conditions:

grounding effects mercola

Source: Journal of Environmental and Public Health 


Here is a documentary by Kroschel Films that shows how powerfully grounding works. . .


And here are some more articles about it:

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