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Supernatural Childbirth

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“He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD.”-Psalm 113:9


Author  Jackie Mize was told by her doctor she would never have children. A miscarriage confirmed her fears. But then she discovered as she read the Bible that God has a better prognosis for her.

Jackie conceived again and this time she was able to carry it to term. She and her husband prayed for a quick delivery and God answered her prayers. The birth was indeed fast but fraught with fear and pain. While attending a church conference, she heard a prophetic word about God giving women  the ability to give birth  without pain. She prayed about it and asked God how it was possible to know it is time to give birth when there is no pain. Then, she had a revelation about birth contractions being similar to contracting an arm muscle. It may feel tight and uncomfortable but not painful.  So as not to be totally clueless when the time for birthing came, she also asked God for her water bag to break naturally a few hours before birthing.

She went on to give birth to birth three other children who were indeed born “supernaturally”–totally pain-free and devoid of anesthesia or medical intervention. She came to the hospital within an hour of birthing and because there was no pain, the nurses  attending to her sometimes did not believe she was fully dilated and ready to push.  No episiotomy was needed either even when she delivered a 10 pound baby!  The doctors and nurses were amazed.

God loves mommies and babies and wants the very best for both! Discover, just as Jackie did, how powerful the Word of God can be when you put it in your heart and pray it over your life.

Here is what she has to say:

“(My husband) Terry and I have discovered that God has provided for every area of our life; He left nothing out. We found in the Bible that we are covenant people, that God as redeemed us from the curse of the law; so we keep looking in God’s word for all He has provided for us in that redemption plan.

“The same way we found healing, prosperity, and everything else we’ve needed from God is the same way we found God’s will about children and childbirth. We studied the Bible and learned what God had to say about the situation. Then we changed what we were saying to agree with what the Bible says, what God said; in other words, we made our words agree with His Word. We found that the same laws and principles of faith we had been using in other areas would also apply to having babies.

“In the area of having babies, there have certainly been many things said over the years–some good and some bad, some right and some wrong. Most things told to us are from someone’s experience, usually bad. . . But Terry and I decided a long time ago that we wanted to know what God has to say about every area of our live. We have sound, fundamental belief that God is smarter than we are and smarter than anyone else as well. So we have to find out what He says and then learn to make it work in our real life situation.

“People often fight for the the right to suffer. The Word says you can do things God’s way or you can choose to do them another way. You can be sick, and God will still love you. You can be barren, and God will still love you. But God says there is a better way. Jesus has paid for salvation, healing, prosperity, deliverance, and blessing.

“God is so practical. God is so real. He wants you to do what you can do, what you can handle. He wants to bless you. He wants to meet your needs. He wants you to walk in health and prosperity and all the blessings that He has given you through Jesus.  He’ll do anything to meet you where you are if you put your confidence in Him and His word. God will always be there to back up His Word.

“I want to emphasize: God wants to bless you. Never let the devil condemn you or push you into doing something just because someone else did it. Remember, the issue is to have a healthy mother and a healthy baby. Study the Bible and decide for yourself where you will draw the line. God loves you just the way you are, and wherever you are is where He’ll meet you.”   –Jackie Mize, Supernatural Childbirth

The book also contains several testimonies who were able to experience supernatural childbirth after hearing or reading about Jackie’s testimony and putting their faith in our supernatural God.


supernatural childbirth

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Are you ready to believe for a supernatural birth? Jackie experienced the supernatural because of her relationship with Jesus Christ. Do want to know the price Jesus paid for you to receive both eternal life and earthly blessings? Do you know that as a child of God you are free from every curse of the law–including barrenness, sickness and poverty?  If you want to know more about having a living, loving relationship with Jesus,  log on to

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