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Teaching Values to A Toddler


How do you teach a strong-willed toddler to be kind, polite and obedient?

 In our house, you would hear us telling our daughter almost incessantly:

“Say thank you!”


“Say please, mommy. . .”


“Mishca, share. . .”


“Mishca, obey. . .”


For the most part, she would say as we say and do as we do albeit slowly and grudgingly. However,  I found out recently  there is nothing like having a favorite cartoon character from a book or video  to reinforce a positive trait. I recently chanced upon Cherub Wings  and decided to buy the whole set for my toddler.

Cherub Wings

Cherub Wings is an award-winning  3-D animation Christian DVD starring the cute little angel Cherub and his mischievous friend Chubby. In each 25-minute episode, Cherub would teach  biblical traits like obeying God, saying sorry, and being grateful, using highly entertaining music videos, animated illustrations and stories.The videos have a way of breaking down hard concepts like  forgiveness and materialism and making them understandable to kids as young as one or two.

I love how it explains unforgiveness. “Carrying a grudge is like carrying a pile of stones. It is very heavy and hurtful.”   There is also that cool rap song called  “It’s Me He Loves and Not What I Pretend To Be” that I can’t get out of my head.  Everything is presented in a light, humorous and unoffensive manner that even adults should watch this!  We all can learn from Cherub’s take on God’s commands.


“Like baby angel, obey!” she say with a smile and then she proceeds to do the thing she is asked.

“God made flowers, Jesus  made everything. . .” she told us when we were watering the garden late one afternoon.

The other day in her grandpa’s house she saw a picture of cupcakes and she told me that “Jesus made them”!

I’m so glad someone thought of making the Bible relevant to young children! Best of all, the DVDs only cost Php 200 for 2 episodes. And these are original DVD copies from Heartshapers. How cool is that, right?

Mishca always waits for Cherub’s signature song at the end:

“Be close to Jesus whatever you do. He’ll help you out if you ask Him to. He loves you so. He’s always near. You are the one that He loves so dear.”

Seeing how much Mishca has learned from Cherub,  I’ve decided to carry the DVD series in our online store so that more kids and parents can have access to them. You can now purchase the entire Cherub Wings series in Kid StarMaker ( You can also view the sample videos there! 


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