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The Untold Story About Childhood Vaccines

“In the 25  years that we doubled the vaccinations we had given our children, we have seen a doubling of learning disabilities, a doubling of attention deficit -hyperactivity disorder, a doubling of asthma, a tripling of diabetes, and a 600% increase of autism in every state.” -Barbara Loe Fisher, US National Vaccine Information Center  

In 1980, 1 out of 10,000 children is diagnosed to have autism in the US.
In 2013, 1 in 50 children is diagnosed as autistic.

“The issue is what has happened in the last 30 years to cause this epidemic of autism? The only thing that really has changed is the number of vaccines being given to children.” –Dr. Nancy Banks,  a graduate of Hunter College and Harvard Medical School

The Philippines is  not lagging behind in these figures:

In April 10, 2010, a Philippine Star article by  Mayen Jaymalin reported that number of people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the Philippines has almost doubled in the past six years and the number is still rising.  The estimated cases of autism rose from 500,000 in 2008 to one million people at present.

 That means 1 child in 100 has autism. 

Are vaccines really the culprit? What are in these vaccines? How do they create antibodies? How are they made? If you are a doctor or a parent, do take time to watch and understand this video by award-winning director Gary Null,which includes expert interviews from the field of medicine and  molecular biology.

Conventional medicine has heralded the invention of vaccines as a miracle of modern science. It claims that vaccines have been proven to prevent and eradicate infectious diseases. We are told that vaccines are safe and effective, and that “herd immunity” can be achieved if a high percentage of a population is vaccinated. However, does the science support these claims and what are the untold consequences?Silent Epidemic, by award winning film director Gary Null, is the first documentary to thoroughly investigate the true medical record and the historical evidence about vaccine marvels.


I’m sharing this because I wished someone had the courage to share this information with me when I was a new parent. I am writing this in the hope that it can be read by a new mom to help her make an informed decision, a decision that can impact her child for life. I am writing this because my heart breaks every time I see a child who is struggling to walk, talk or who cannot look at people straight in the eye. It seems like developmental delays and learning disabilities are becoming the norm, not the exception. Everybody is claiming it is genetic, but is it really?

Few hours after coming out of my womb, our daughter was vaccinated against Hepatitis-B, without us being told or even consulted by the nurses who attended to her. We remember her being very colicky and agitated that first night,so much so that the nurse told me that they could hear her cry from the other end of the hallway.  Exactly 10 days later, she was given a booster shot by her pediatrician. Then came a series of vaccination for diseases we have never even heard about, with some given in combination with others, being called 5-in-one or 3-in-one, depending on the number of types of diseases being addressed in that one shot. When we questioned the safety of these vaccines, as we have heard some news reports linking vaccines to autism, we were told by our pediatrician that those “findings” were a hoax and that the scientists who made the study fabricated the results. (Only much later did we learn that it was not a hoax, and the doctors were purposely silenced and discredited in the media by powerful forces. A doctor in that study has been exonerated by the British Courts in 2012. Read it here). Initially, what our pediatrician said allayed our fears but every time we took her for yet another inoculation, we had this sick feeling in our stomach, which we hoped we had heeded earlier.


Photo courtesy of duron123 and

Mishca’s grandparents cringed at the thought of such an aggressive vaccine schedule. But thinking we were doing what is right for our dear child, we went ahead. Mishca had complete vaccination until she turned 2. She has had 29 in all. Then her pediatrician, a very nice Christian lady whom we treat like family, told us that she will be getting flu shots. However, she needed to wait for a partner (another child who also needs flu shots),since there was no available flu shots for babies. They were taking an adult dosage and dividing it between 2 kids. It was very,very alarming, so we begged off and did some research. We learned that thimerosal, the preservative used in the flu shot, is actually mercury. The American Pediatric Society’s website says so, but it claims that there is no evidence that thimerosal/mercury leads to autism. We all know that mercury is poisonous, so the claim that it is not proven to cause autism is not only moot and academic, but really–pardon the language –STUPID.

Since then, we knew better and began to check every vaccine that is being offered to our daughter. We learned that not all vaccines contain thimerosal (mercury), but to be able to stimulate the immune system, they all contain aluminum, another toxic substance that has no place in the body, especially in a fragile infant’s.

I had asked a dear friend, Dr.Elaine Cunanan, an internist at the UST Hospital about the need for these vaccines. “No need for hepa A, ingat na lang sa pagkain (just take extra care with the food that one ingests),” Dr. Elaine, a medical board topnotcher in 2000.  “You can also forego Hepatitis B for an infant, since it is only contracted through sexual intercourse and blood transfusion. It is highly unlikely that a child would get it.” She added that there is also no need for the HPV virus which is now prescribed to girls as young as 9. “Only the sexually active are prone to cervical cancer.”

In January of 2014, I took the whole family to Dr. Lillian Lasaten-Ebuen’s office for a dental check-up. Dr. Ebuen is a total body dentist and a staunch proponent against mercury fillings. She has partnered with the Department of Health to educate the medical community about the health dangers of this toxic waste. It has earned her a lot of enemies as many dental professionals do not want to give up mercury, but since all her claims are backed up by research, her detractors cannot effectively discredit her. Well-known experts from the US and Europe in the field of dentistry came in full support to substantiate her findings in a recent symposium held here in Manila.

When our discussion touched on vaccines, she told us something I will never forget. Dr. Ebuen said that she did not have her youngest child vaccinated. However, she observed that her eldest, who has had complete vaccination, gets sick more often and has more allergies than the youngest who never had an injection.

My husband Michael was incredulous. “No vaccines? Not even the polio vaccine?” We were more surprised by her answer’ “NO,” she protested, “the polio vaccine contains a live virus, which can actually cause the polio!” Her words echoed some of the medical articles we have read, but we still couldn’t believe our ears because we have grown up being told that vaccines are good for the body.

Months before meeting this affable dentist, our research into the health and wellness industry again made us stumble upon information upon information that warns about dangers of vaccines especially for very young infants. In fact, many parents in the US and Europe are delaying or shunning vaccinations to protect their kids from its toxic effects. This was our first time, however, to meet a mother who could proudly testify that she did not let her child be vaccinated and it has made a difference. Her sons are now adults, so she knows wherefore she speaks.

A few months later, I had a long phone consultation with our family friend,  Biosynergistic’s nutritional biochemist Jaime Cua, whose well-known clients include the prominent business people (i.e.  Tony Tancaktiong of Jollibee, John Lu Koa of French Baker and Cha Time, George Dy of Metrobank). I wanted to talk to him about the vitamins that he prescribed to my daughter. When I mentioned casually that my daughter has had 29 injections in 2 years, he exclaimed: “Really? Why did you allow that? Is that what they are giving kids nowadays? The preservatives in vaccines are hard metals which are bad for the body. Sometimes doctors capitalize on people’s fears. You do not need to be afraid of these diseases as long as you have good nutrition.” He then told me about the natural substances that one can take to bind or remove harmful metals from the body. (For more info about this, read the entry entitled “Are We Unwittingly Paying to Poison Our Kids?“)

A parent I shared this information with told me that “we” are blessed that God had protected our children from vaccine injuries. I do am grateful for that. Other than the crying bout after getting her first Hepatitis-B shot,   the facial rash that she got at 7 months until 10 months and the Juvenile Xanthogranuloma or JXG (a rare overgrowth of cells called histiocyte that appears as a skin lesion which will gradually fade in time)  that she developed at 1 year and 6 months, Mishca, now 3 years and 10 months old,  has been relatively healthy. Nephrologist  and Internist Suzanne Humphries says that breastfeeding does prevent vaccine injuries  by strengthening the child’s immune system and helping clear the body of hard metals. Yet,  I do know of a growing number of kids among our circle of friends, many of them Christians, who have not been spared from vaccine injuries and it breaks my heart. It is for this reason that I have decided to be vocal about this topic. My husband and I have received  of flak from family members and concerned friends for  suggesting that vaccines are not good, but we also have several close friends who support us, because they have seen first-hand or realized through a relative or another friend what an aggressive vaccine policy can do to a child.

I hope this blog entry encourages you to do your own research. Don’t just vaccinate your child simply because your doctor says you “have to.” Some parents we know opt for a no-vaccine policy, some space out the vaccinations, some delay the vaccinations until the child’s immune system is stronger.  

If you need more information about a SAFER VACCINE POLICY, kindly read the entry entitled “Are We Unwittingly Paying to Poison Our Kids?”

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