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The Will to Win!

While Michael and I were enjoying our 1st  anniversary get-away last weekend, he received an email informing him that he had won Php 5,000 worth of DK travel books and a premium item from the History Channel.

This morning I opened my email to find that Cebu Pacific had just picked me as the 7th and final winner of  round-trip domestic tickets for their Twitter Raffle promo!  Last Friday–supposedly the last day of the promo–Cebu Pacific discovered that one of those who won in the raffle was an employee and so they decided to  make another draw early this morning . 🙂

God is just amazing!  Not only did He let us  enjoy our  365th day of togetherness as husband and wife by giving us perfect weather on a supposedly stormy weekend, He also put in these little extras to delight us. We are in constant awe of His love and goodness.

I don’t see myself as a competitive person, but I do enjoy joining contests. It started when my teacher entered me in a drawing competition in kindergarten. It was followed by a slew of other school-sponsored contests: a track meet, a choral declamation, a singing contest,  a crossword puzzle contest, to name a few.

I knew I had  found my match when I met Michael. Early in our courtship, we discovered that we were both fans of Cebu Pacific’s in-flight fun games and  both cherish our collection of prizes from the said airline.

with Kooky of Mediacomm

Early this year, an ad in Multiply prompted us to join Whisper’s online photo-story contest. Shortly after winning the grand prize, we discovered Boy Kuripot, a Filipino website that lists all local and foreign online competitions that Pinoys can to join. Boy Kuripot is run by Jeffrey Siy who himself has won a lot of prizes from online promos. (Visit his website at We have him to thank for the thrill his website gives us during our free time.

I remember declaring these words from the Psalms this morning before logging on and discovering the Cebu Pacific surprise: “You are my shield, and You give me victory and great honor. I pray to you and you answer from your sacred hill.” Psalm 3:3-4 This is our heritage as sons and daughters of the Most High God.

Here is a list of the prizes we have won since we got married:

1. Nokia Cellphone from Globe Telecom– Michael joined a spin-off of “Deal or No Deal” during a Christmas bazaar in Zamboanga. He chose bag number 3, because it is the date of our wedding.  (Dec 2008)

2. Asus EEEPC and Sumdex bag from the “Why Men Love Whisper” Promo– This is an online contest by Whisper Napkin. We  won Best Photostory for the month of March. Thanks to  Mr. Nelwin Uy and Sir Lito Genilo for the photos. We were buying house plants when Michael got a call. We floated with joy the whole afternoon. (March 2009)

3. Macbook White and a bag from the “Why Men Love Whisper” Grand Finals–We both screamed our lungs out when we discovered that we won the grand prize. Thank you for all who voted in Multiply! We were overwhelmed by your support.  (May 2009)

4.Corel DVD software and Winner’s Certificate from the Corel Digital Arts Competition–Our video won  4th place in the video editing category. Again, many thanks for those who voted. Some of you even voted everyday! 🙂

5. Garnet stone–the first jewelry I ever won.  I got this during a trip to  a Hongkong jewelry store last June. I was the first to answer that the store’s diamonds came from South Africa. (June 2009)

6. Shopping Gift-checks from Singapore–Michael won 500 Singapore dollars-worth of gift checks from a specialty store in Singapore in July. Unfortunately, they couldn’t send us the GCs as it was only available to Singaporeans, but we appreciate  winning,nonetheless. (June 2009)

7.Cebu Pacific Goody Bag–I was the first in the flight  to name the movie where the phrase “Momma said that ‘Life is like a box of chocolates.’. . ” came from. The goody bag contained Centrum vitamins and Chapsticks. (July 2009)

8. Sunsilk Package for the Style-in-a-Snap promo–My Lookbook entry received the “Kawaii Award” (Kawaii means “cute” in Japanese). Thanks, Nelwin and Michael, for the photos. Thanks also to those who voted and those who tried to vote. (It was hard to get through the contest’s online registration).  I received the call from Sunsilk a day before my  birthday and since it was sort of a mini-online pageant for hair, I was flattered to receive the award.    (July 2009)

9.Cebu Pacific Pad and Pen– Michael and I both won a practical and stylish pad and pen set from Cebu Pacific during  the “Bring Me” Game. I was laughing because the stewardess asked the passengers to “bring her” ten fingers and I was the first one to do so. I have my competitive and brilliant high school classmates to thank for that. Being in a class with them trained me to  have fast reflexes so I could  earn points  during recitation time. Haha!  (Sept. 2009)

10. DK Travel Books and History Channel Gift Item

11. Cebu Pacific Round-trip Domestic Tickets

Hope this encourages you to inject some fun into your life. You can help us  increase the items in this list by viewing our application video for the Ultimate Thailand Explorers here:

Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Hope you win the UTE contest!
    I voted for you na!

  2. Hello, Riza! 🙂 Thanks so much for taking time to visit my blog and also to vote for us. 🙂 We’re so, so happy to have the support of super nice people like you! 😉 God bless you in every way! 🙂

  3. got here from boykuripot’s site. voted! =)

  4. Thanks,Tapots! 🙂 You are from Cebu pala. Ang dami talagang fans ni Boy Kuripot. 😉 So happy and honored that you took time to bless us. Thanks so, so much! This is also a vote for our country! 😀

  5. Hi!! got to know about your blogsite from the youtube link (UTE)sent by UP Kalayaan Residence Hall in FB.

    Your photos are amazing and so are your posts.. keep writing…:)

    God bless!

    Lalaine’s World
    From Asia and Beyond
    Day to Day Miracles
    Trying to be Fit
    Not a Shopaholic

  6. Hi Lalaine! 🙂 Thanks so much for taking time to vote and for visiting and commenting on this site. 🙂 It’s so thoughtful of you. 🙂 I saw the contest that you posted and I voted too! God bless you and your family! 🙂

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