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23-week-old Zachary & His Manual Mobile

Zachary: “Some cheapo gave me this manual mobile. My Dad says at least it’s eco-friendly since it doesn’t require batteries. Look at what I have to resort to just to entertain myself!” 🙂


The truth is  I was the one who got the mobile, which was a gift to Mishca many years ago. It was his dad who this up  as a way of training Zachary’s  eye-hand coordination. When he was 2 and a half months old, Daddy tied a string on the mobile, tied a soft cloth around that string  and loosely tied the cloth on his leg. Dad wanted to know if Zach could recognize that his movements can make the mobile tinkle. At 23 weeks, when this video was taken, we were happy to find Zach pulling the string on his own.  So yes, manual mobiles can be more fun and educational for babies!  Just make sure that you are there to supervise so that the baby won’t choke on the string and the mobile won’t fail on him.



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