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What Makes Him Smile

Unlike his big sister, Zachary was very serious looking as a newborn. In his first few weeks, he seldom locked eyes with me and only does so when he needs to be fed or changed. When he was fast asleep, though, I would catch him flash a sweet smile now and then. It made me ask, “I wonder what makes you smile?”

That all changed when he entered his first month. He is now a happy early riser. He gives us his biggest and sweetest grins as soon as he wakes up, smiles complete with kilig, back arching and feet kicking.

Now on his second month, he smiles at me after a feeding, making me comment what a boy’s boy he is–happy when well-fed. He also gives me an appreciative grin when I change his diaper or when I belt out his favorite tune.
Today I tried something else. Instead of getting his attention by my words,  I smiled at him while keeping quiet the whole time, using my only my eyes to communicate. He smiled back and smiled and smiled, expressing joy, contentment and delight through his eyes and lips. I was smitten.

I wish I had taken a photo, but that would have ruined the moment.
He gave me a smile again while I paused from typing this entry. Can you blame me if I do not want to do anything else nowadays but be a mommy with no nanny?

What makes you smile?

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