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My 6-year-old Babysitter

As a mommy with no nanny, I appreciate¬† having a little helper who loves entertaining the baby. The first time Mishca encountered the word babysitter, she was just 2. “It was in the Precious Moments book that you gave me. I thought it was someone who sits on the baby to keep it warm,” she told me. Now that she is an elder sister, she knows that she is not supposed to sit down on her little brother.

Here is 6-year-old Mishca reading Dr. Seuss to 5-month-old Zachary. She taught herself to read Green Eggs and Ham on her own, mind you. ūüôā

I love it how my little boy holds his Achi’s hand to see the pictures!


Mishca calls him Boyby, short for baby boy.¬† Sometimes he calls him Tubuddy, short for tubby buddy. “Because he is taba!”

She has made her own babysitter vocabulary:

Wawetta- Baby is wet.¬† ¬†“Mom, the baby is wawetta!”

Lachachucha-Baby is hungry. “Mom, Zach needs to lachachucha!”

Pichucan-Baby has soft cheeks.¬† “You are a pichucan boy, Zachary!”

Natutti-Baby is a naughty boy.¬† “You are very natutti, Zach!”

Diapoopee- Baby pooed in his diaper.¬† “Mom, diapoopee!”

And the words keep coming and evolving each day!

She also loves composing short operettas to make him laugh.

Zachary is starting to eat solids and Mishca helps in feeding him, too. She has a lot of  tricks up her sleeves to make sure  he eats well. Today the trick was too long and Zachary just grabbed the spoon and put it in his own moth! (10-29-17)

Zachary is very blessed to have an elder sister who¬† dotes on him.¬† “I really love him, Mom,” she tells me often and calls him her birthday gift from God. “The best birthday gift ever!”¬† Where can you find such a loving babysitter?

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