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Goin’ Bananas

On the morning of  our 7th year and 1 monthsary, I came to the kitchen to find this–


My husband has never failed to surprise me with the simplest and corniest of gestures and I would not have it any other way. He does this every month. The most memorable note I got so far apart from this was left on top of our first house’s toilet bowl.

You might be wondering why it is ” Happy 97th!” Well, he’s been counting the number of months we have been together since we started our courtship. It was October 3 2007 when he brought me to a secluded beach at sunset and asked permission to court me. How could I refuse?  I could drown if I said no. 🙂

Four years ago, our daughter came out  a day before our monthsary. We’ve been celebrating her monthly birthday since.

“There goes two slices of bananas that won’t get eaten!” I said to myself as I read the love note. This was particularly meaningful because he had to go on an emergency trip. Mishca and I were still fast asleep when he left.

Here’s to going bananas about the simple joys of marriage and family . . .

PS We did eat the bananas when he came back. I wanted to preserve the bananas as keepsakes, but feared I might attract a colony of ants.


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