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A Love Feast

Our “regular” Valentines morning turned out not to be regular when my 5-year-old crafter took charge of the festivities. While I was busy checking my emails, she was busy bustling about in the dining area.

First she asked permission to transfer the flowers given to me by her Daddy to the dining table.  Then she went out to the garden to gather some oregano leaves.


It wasn’t long before  she caught my attention.


“Mom, you have to sit in this seat, because you are the best mom!” Mishca exclaimed.

The best seat in the house is the seat where her Peppa the Pig Valentines balloon was tied.

And there is more. . . .

“Look, Mom!” She pointed to this note on the table.


Daddy heard everything and complained, “What about me?”


“Dad, you also have one!” Mishca explained as she lifted up the plate to reveal a note especially made for Dad.

And so we partook of a simple Valentines breakfast with lots of love and gratitude, thanks to our 5-year-old events planner.

After breakfast, she gave me a gift to open. She had prepared this the day before.


Inside the heart-covered envelope were 2 letters, a big one and a handy one that she said I can bring with me everywhere. Then, there is a necklace with a red pendant.


Next is  a  coloring activity, with all the pictures already prepared. She asked me color the same Christmas tree to see who can color best.


And then she whisk me to a souvenir corner!  On the heart shaped chocolate box is a sticker of a kissing couple. “Mom, that is you and Dad kissing!” she whispered excitedly.



After homeschool,  Mishca got a heart-shaped pancake.


Later  that day, the 3 of us went on a fish ball and cheese sticks date  in our favorite hangout.




And had dinner in our neighborhood cafe where Mishca was treated to scrumptious chocolate cake pops.



That’s how we spent Valentines 2017. . .  

All this reminded of a verse in the Bible:  “Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.” -Proverbs 15:17

Indeed, a simple meal can turn into a feast when love abounds.

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