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The Valentine’s Show

“Mishca, mom will be on TV,” I woke my toddler up at almost midnight last night. Right when she opened her eyes,  I appeared onscreen, a shot of our prenuptial pictorial in Zambales was flashed, part of the teaser for the Valentines episode of 700 Club Asia. Mishca watched transfixed.  I wonder how many moms can tell their kids that! I I felt like the coolest mom in the world.

It was the first time my now 2 year and 9 month old daughter watched our love story. It was also the first time I really saw it without cringing and looking away from the screen  every time I appeared on camera.  For the first time, I watched it as a regular viewer and really enjoyed  the details: the camerawork, the re-enactment of events, our pictures with dear friends.



It gave me a new appreciation of our story and the God who authored it all.  And I’m so glad there’s this little now to tell the story to.  Michael said, “Nakaminister sa akin yung story natin (Our love story ministered to me,). Tatawag ako sa 700 Club  Counseling Center  para magpasalamat(I’ll call the 700 Club Counseling Center to thank them.)”  We had a laugh!

“I love my mom,” Mishca exclaimed when she saw me dancing with her dad in Capones island. “I love my dad, also! Then she proceeded to give her sleepy dad a hug.

Afterwards, Mishca requested to see our wedding video, which she watched until almost 1 AM until I persuaded her to go to bed. I never knew she would be this interested in our wedding this early. I pray that she’ll grow up trusting God for her story. — written February 14, 2014


God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.–Psalm 68:6 New Living Translation 

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