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TV: DoQmentaries– That Thing Called Love

One morning January morning, I was lying down in bed while reading the story of Daniel in the Bible. Inspired by the prophet’s integrity and dedication to God,I prayed to that I too would be given the  opportunity to be God’s spokesperson in my generation.

As I was talking to God, the phone started ringing.  Rudely interrupted, I switched my phone to silent mode. However, the phone wouldn’t stop vibrating. I had received a total of 4 calls.  Irritated, I got the call and had the surprise of myl life! It was GMA 7 calling, asking if we would be willing to share our love story in a show called DoQmentaries. It was a no-brainer! God can indeed work in mysterious ways. This is the edited version of this story.

Behind the scenes:  A week later, we flew in to Manila for the shoot . We were told the interview would be held at the  GMA-7 studio lobby along Edsa. When we arrived, the crew was setting up at the 2nd floor lobby near the stairs. We were told that we were the only ones to be interviewed that day and that host Connie Sison would personally do the interview. After 15 minutes, Connie arrived.  She told us that she was also a Christian and testified about the power of prayer when her mom snapped out of a coma after months in the hospital.

Pretty soon the interview was on the way. The energy was palpable as there were no cuts or take 2s allowed.  I was amazed at how candid and relaxed we sounded even if we were dealing with nerves earlier. It was our first “live interview” after all. “Lovely couple,” I remember Connie saying after the 20-minute interview ended.  She left right away because she had to fetch her daughter.

The crew gave us GMA merchandise as souvenir before whisking us away to Fernwood Gardens to shoot some scenes to included as, what we call in TV production, as b-rolls or cut-aways. We did some walk-through in the garden and had a quick photo-op with the crew. Then they dropped us off at the parking lot of  GMA. A couple of days later, the crew also interviewed our dear friend and pastor’s wife Pia Paderes, who was privy to our story from the start. We learned that it was my college friend and show writer Agay Llanera-Reyes who suggested our story to the producers of the show.

This episode was shown on a Sunday after Valentines. We were quite tense because we didn’t appear in any of the teasers between commercial gaps. Our family had told a lot of people to catch the show. Our story came out in the very last segment. We heaved a sigh of relief! My only regret was that I had done more about my eye make-up.  I did my own make-up for the interview and I appeared very chinky-eyed and pale. Oh well! 🙂

We were glad that the writer and host kept the focus of the show on God. Connie was also able to share how the Lord had brought her and her husband together.

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