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V Day!

This is our 10th Valentines together!  The more time passes the more I am realizing how wise God is for choosing Michael to be my husband.  When I was younger, I have always wondered why God chose us to be together. Eventhough we share the same faith, we seemed worlds apart. He was from Zamboanga and I from Manila. We also had a big age gap.  Well, God knows best.

Michael  is the only person I can trust my life with apart from Jesus Christ. He is my  co-onspirator, business partner,  co-dreamer, travel buddy and when our children were born, the best and only doula I could ever allow into my birthing room.  He also is a great nanny, by the way. How can one thrive as a mommy with no nanny without the help and support of the daddy with no nanny, right?

When we were friends, we would catch ourselves saying the same things, at the same time. Well, we find ourselves doing that till now, even with the same expression or intonation. Maybe, he really is my twin from another mom.

Now that I am in my 10th year of marriage, maybe I can dispense some advice to single people. Never enter marriage lightly, especially if you are not sure about  the person.  Ask God if you are ready and if this is the right person for you. It sounds too cliche, but it really is better to be single than to be trapped in a miserable marriage. With all the personality differences, variables and challenges that one encounters in marriage, only through God’s help and by His grace can one have a happy and successful married life.

We’ve been through a lot, but I am glad we can still laugh and have fun. Thank you for your love, patience and corny jokes.  Happy Valentines’, Michael!


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